Kate Starre:*( 2.) Jana Withrow (gk):*( 6.) FIFA World Cup The current FIFA Wo …   Wikipedia, FIFA Club World Cup — This article is about the tournament involving the champion clubs of all continents. Karen Smith (gk):*Head Coach::Paul Ackerley, :*( 1.) This article lists the confirmed squads for the 1998 Women's Hockey World Cup held in Utrecht, Netherlands from May 20 and May 31, 1998. :*( 1.) Melanie Cremer :*( 9.) Nidhi Khullar:*(12.) Karina Masotta :*(12.) Inke van Wyk (gk):*( 3.) Jinli Bai :*(13.) Zhang Anjie:*(11.) Moira Senior:*( 3.) Manjinder Kaur:*( 9.) Fiona Greenham :*(16.) An introduction to the teams playing at1998 FIFA World Cup France ™ Head coach: Henryk Kasperczak (fired after two matches, replaced by Ali Selmi for the final match). Only three teams, Japan, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, had no players from European clubs. COL: H. Gómez Jaramillo | Calebo, I.Cordoba, O.Cordoba, Estrada, J. Preciado COL, Jarni, Stanić, Vlaović CRO, Helveg, Jørgensen, M.Laudrup, Møller, A.Nielsen, Rieper, Sand DAN, Anderton, Beckham, Scholes, CRO: M. Blažević | Jurić, Kozniku, Mamič, Mrmič, Serić, Vasili, ENG, Luis Enrique, Raúl ESP, Blanc, Djorkaeff, Dugarry, Lizarazu, Trézeguet, DAN: B. Johansson | Goldbæk, Henrikssen, Kjar, Krøgh. Hanneke Smabers:*( 8.) Sofía MacKenzie :*( 3.) Popular Quizzes Today. Most goals FRA, JAP: T. Okada | Hattori, Ito, Kojima, Narazaki, Saito, (15), no team without goals. Claire Mitchell-Taverner:*( 6.) Oh Seung-Shin :*(14.) Discuss here: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Football/Competitions#Requested move of Football World Cup articles. Choi Kwan-Sook :*( 9.) Gabriela Liz :*( 8.) Wu Jing :*( 6.) Purdy Miller :*Head Coach::Maggie Souyave, :*( 1.) Woo Hyun-Jung:*(11.) Karen Roberts :*(12.) Vastic AUT, Nilis BEL, Kostandinov BUL, Nyanka, Mboma CAM, Sierra CHI. Note: Kirsten and Marschall also earned additional caps for East Germany (49 and 4, respectively). Helen Mary (gk):*( 2.) Kate Allen:*( 9.) Twelve nations took part, and they were divided into… …   Wikipedia, 2006 Men's Hockey World Cup — 2006 Hockey World Cup Hockey Weltmeisterschaften 2006 Tournament details Host country …   Wikipedia, FIFA World Cup — Soccer world cup redirects here. Antoinette Lucas :*( 12.) Michelle Vizzuso :*( 3.) Katie Kauffman :*( 12.) Chen Zhaoxia :*( 4.) IRN: J. Talebi | Broumand, Hamedani, Latifi, Ostadasadli, Seraj. Jenny Duck:*(10.) Chen Hong :*( 3.) Kim Myung-Ok :*( 7.) Park Eun-Kyung :*(15.) Renita Garard:*(14.) Skippy Hamahona:*( 2.) From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Kristen Holmes :*( 14.) Jeannette Lewin:*( 7.) Valerie Neil :*(16.) Anabel Gambero :*( 6.) Karen Smith:*( 8.) The English, Spanish, Japanese and Saudi Arabian squads were made up entirely of players from the respective countries' domestic leagues. Results. Cho Bora :*(13.) Jun Xia Huang :*( 9.) Nie Yali (gk) :*( 2.) Kylie Foy:*(12.) Helen Walker :*( 5.) Eggen, H.Flo, T.A.Flo, Rekdal NOR, Ayala, Benitez, Cardoso PAR, Petrescu ROM, HOL: G. Hiddink | de Goey, Hesp, Ooijers, van Bronkhorst, McCarthy SAF, Burley, Collins SCO, Souayah TUN, McBride USA.