Once returning home, Rocky goes to say goodnight to his son, Robert Jr., but when Rocky goes downstairs, he overhears Adrian and Paulie arguing, which turns out to be a dramatic life-changing situation. They also adopted a son and named him Rocco Kevin. In 1985, she was arrested for possessing the drug and got two years' probation. Rocky, clearly shaken, politely tells Drago to leave. As the neighborhood gathers round to witness the fight, Tommy's punches begin to slow Rocky in his tracks due to his condition and he is knocked down, disoriented with Paulie at his side. Joe. Rocky is no longer depressed and broke, and is doing far better than he was in years prior. Before the winner is announced, Rocky and his entourage make their way out of the ring in celebration. Rocky walks home, frustrated how nothing is going right in his life. Rocky had his first tryst with boxing much later when he joined the Army. Unknown to him, the gym's owner and grizzled former boxer, Mickey Goldmill, does not dislike him, but considers Rocky's potential to be better than his effort. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/rocky-marciano-5113.php Rocky clearly doesn't mind about the outcome, as he only wanted to go the distance with Creed. Shortly after the bout with Ivan Drago, Rocky realizes that while he is showering, he may have sustained some type of injury during the fight. After the match, Creed changes his mind and demands a rematch under the stress of being humiliated by the press for failing to beat Rocky convincingly, as well as his own knowledge that he didn't give his best in the match. BoxRec.com uses cookies to make the site simpler. Before the final round, Rocky grows concerned about the injuries that Donnie has sustained and tells him he's stopping the fight. Rocky was always interested in sports as he made homemade weights and worked on them until he was dead tired. Along with his old trainer, Tony "Duke" Evers, Creed offers to train Rocky for a rematch against Lang, taking Rocky to Los Angeles. It was trainer Charlie Goldman who trained Marciano in his trademark move. After Donnie's win, the media heavily publicized the story of Apollo's infidelity, which catches the eye of Tommy Holiday (Graham McTavish), who is looking for the final person to fight his trainee, light-heavyweight champion "Pretty" Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew). While waiting to be discharged in Fort Lewis, Rocky was part of a number of amateur boxing duels for his unit. Fighting with a style very reminiscent of Creed's own boxing technique mixed with his own style, Rocky wins the rematch against Lang by K.O., dodging and absorbing Lang's best blows and still standing, regaining his world heavyweight title. Creed demands a rematch with Rocky, stating that he would fight him 'anywhere, anyplace, anytime' to prove to the world that Rocky's feat was merely a fluke. Drago threatens him by saying his son, Viktor (Florian Munteanu), has trained all his life and will "break" Donnie, issuing a fight challenge to Donnie earlier that morning. During the subsequent rounds, Dixon's injury numbs up, which enables him to throw much harder punches and pose a threat to Rocky. Afterward, Rocky goes to collect a loan for his loan shark boss, Tony Gazzo. As Adrian and Robert tend to him, Rocky tells Adrian that she was right. Glimpses of Ivan Drago, his loss to Clubber Lang during his first fight with him and Mickey's burial start to cloud his mind until he hears Mickey's voice, telling him that he is the champion and to get up. "I have the problem; he didn't. At first, Rocky seems to be unaffected by Creed's smear campaign, but his inexperience with money causes him to run into financial troubles. Rocky hints about retirement and leaves without accepting the challenge. Rocky then worked as a chute man for ‘Brockton Ice and Coal Company’. Without Adrian's support, however, Rocky becomes greatly discouraged and cannot concentrate on his training whatsoever, leaving Mick frustrated and worried. Dixon is finally recognized as being a warrior for fighting through every round and Rocky proves to the world that he is no joke, mirroring the ending of the first film. Additionally, Stallone was awarded the Boxing Writers Association of America award for “Lifetime Cinematic Achievement in Boxing.”[9], A poll of former heavyweight champions and boxing writers ranked Balboa as the best boxer in the film series. I relished stories of heroism, great love, dignity, and courage, dramas of people rising above their stations, taking life by the throat and not letting go until they succeeded. "I do know the difference between right and wrong," Marchegiano said. Rocky refuses to support Donnie, noting that Viktor was raised in hate and has nothing to lose, and that makes him dangerous. [13] The trade paperback edition of the series, published in July 1987, omitted the page featuring Balboa altogether. Rocky Marciano was born Rocco Francis Marchegiano, on September 1, 1923, in Brockton, Massachusetts. Mary Anne was 16 and Rocky Jr. was 17 months old. [10], In 2014, Rocky Balboa was the Inaugural Induction to the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame.[11]. At the same time, Rocky begins dating Adrian. When they asked her where they could buy crack cocaine, she accompanied them in their unmarked car to a friend's apartment. Slaughter and began negotiations with Stallone's representation. Before the fight, the boxing record that was presented for each boxer was, for Rocky: 57 wins (54 by KO), 23 losses, and 1 draw; for Dixon: 33 wins (30 by KO). Rocky visits Adrian's graveside regularly and each year, on the anniversary of her death, takes a tour of the old places, where their relationship began and blossomed: the now-closed J&M Tropical Fish pet shop where Adrian worked, the former site of the ice skating rink where they had their first date and Rocky's old apartment, where they fell in love. As Tommy begins to make his adjustments as Rocky taught him, Rocky then mirrors his punches on a punching bag, which leaves his family concerned. While training, Rocky suddenly stalls, vomits, and collapses in the gym. Stallone also said there are "ongoing discussions" about a Rocky prequel television series, which he hopes will land on a streaming service and the series will likely follow a young Rocky Balboa as professional boxing hopeful. Both men now exchange punches with Rocky being the aggressor, making Tommy miss his shots. The two exchange punches, but Rocky gets the final blow before the bell rings. Rocky decides to watch Donnie and Viktor's match, where he watches Viktor pummel Donnie repeatedly. When Duke intervenes and says that Tommy "only fights in the ring", Rocky explains to him that his "ring's outside". He was an undefeated heavyweight world champion till his death. Rocky gets his dream come true when the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed, decides that he wants to give an unknown fighter a chance to fight for the title after his intended challenger, Mac Lee Green, broke his hand while training. Balboa resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and married Adriana "Adrian" Pennino in 1976.