A. Thriving and ever-vibrant, Vienna nightlife definitely tops all lists of things to do in Vienna. Vienna may be internationally known for its classical music but there’s also another music genre which it is known for today. While the building itself is historical, the casino found within is quite modern. Spearheading this event is Radio Station FM4 with 19 acts performing such as Soulglo, Waxolutionists, G. Rizo as well as the FM4 DJs. Flex is a place to see and be seen where Vienna’s hippest young people dance the night away. It was all the way around the Austrian capital. Location: Augartenbrücke 1, 1010Timings: 8 PM – 6 AM, Suggested Read: 10 Best Places To Visit In Austria That Are Straight Out Of A Picture Book. “You can hear everybody talking, even though techno is blasting behind you.” Those who want some privacy can pop inside one of the venue’s ski lifts. 20 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2020 More Bizarre Than The Bermuda Triangle, 10 Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare, 81 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30 in 2020. With a small bar area and a dance floor along with an expansive lounge area, it can help refuel your energy after some floor-breaking dance. Another great option for local dining is the “Austrian Dinner Show” – 3 courses of regional specialties interspersed with local music and dancing, in the atmospheric surroundings of the basement vaults under the town hall. Situated near the Schonttenring U-Bahn station and just next to the Donau canal, this place is highly recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebooks. We also photographed a brightly lit business across the river in which you can faintly see the city skyline behind. Suggested Read: 10 Things To Do In Vienna For A Memorable Austrian Vacation. “It’s the kind of place where you’ll run into people you know.” The musical selection is ever-rotating, and you can find foosball and ping-pong tables inside. Not the usual club in Vienna, this place holds regular events and uniquely themed night parties. “It’s authentic and it’s worth going to.”, Vienna's nightlife scene punches above its weight, Vienna has a long and illustrious musical history, Visitors to Vienna will find clubs that play a variety of musical genres, Head to Rhiz on a weekday for experimental music, © Hackenberg-Photo-Cologne / Alamy Stock Photo, Find affordable drinks and low entry fees at Fluc, 333, 331 Stadtbahnbögen, Alsergrund Wien, Wien, 1090, Austria, 12 Spittelauer Lände, Alsergrund Wien, Wien, 1090, Austria, Währinger Gürtel, Währing Wien, Wien, 1090, Austria, exhibition about music in the Austrian capital, 10 / A Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse, Neubau Wien, Wien, 1070, Austria, 101 Mariahilfer Straße, Mariahilf Wien, Wien, 1060, Austria, 5 Laimgrubengasse, Mariahilf Wien, Wien, 1060, Austria, 18 Hamburgerstraße, Margareten Wien, Wien, 1050, Austria, 5 Praterstern, Leopoldstadt Wien, Wien, 1020, Austria. Established in 1998 and set right beneath the subway tracks, rhiz is an institution in Vienna. Vienna Bars and pubs make the city’s nightlife so alive and entertaining.
Das perfekte Herbstwochenende in Wien Artikel lesen. About Electronic Music Places & Vienna Nightlife Area, Discover Clubs in Vienna – Clubbing in Vienna, Gay clubs in Vienna Austria & Gay Vienna Parties. The casino has several floors. St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom)4. The nightlife in this Austrian capital offers variety unlike when you’re in other capitals of the world. A total of 12 events took place with artists, chefs and curators in attendance at the Die Au cafe and restaurant. More classical pieces can be enjoyed at a more wallet-friendly price, courtesy of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Location: Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien, Austria, Further Read: Austria Nightlife: 8 Cities That Put On A Show For Party Animals. It’s hardcore.”. Courtesy: Dimitry Anikin/Flickr . In the city’s club scene, electronic sounds are often combined with techno and disco beats that can be great to dance to. The time/food event is another similar event. As in many Viennese clubs, the real action doesn’t start until after midnight, and easily lasts until past dawn. The place has a rich history and plays house, disco and party music while its interior boasts of 1950s furniture, palms and old chandeliers. Location: Mahlerstraße 11, 1010Timings: 10 PM – 6 AM. Location: Mariahilfer Straße 101, 1060Timings: 7 PM – 2 AM (till 4 AM on weekends). Naschmarkt & Brunnenmarkt.5. A. Vienna has a more timid, cleaner image. Vienna’s trams were built in the 19th century originally using carriages pulled by horses. Why so, you may ask. In addition, it addressed taste, social relations in dining, menus and demand for future revolutions in the kitchen. The steam trams followed after which they were replaced by the electric tram which operates until today. Right in the heart of downtown Vienna, this casino is found in the Palais Esterhazy which is one of the oldest buildings here. Bezirk Artikel lesen. Electronic music is digitally engineered and produces a different kind of upbeat sound ideal for disco Vienna dancing. During this party, newcomers to the Austrian music scene will be introduced and among them are DJ Mastercash and Mosaken as well as TomSnow and Observer and Steve Hope and Emil Berliner.

The Flex is one club in Vienna which boasts of the best sound systems in the city. Those wanting something more intense can opt for a piranha shot, which combines vodka, Amarena cherry and Tabasco, or a Russian cocaine shot with vodka, lemon and coffee (€3.50 each). Guests can enjoy free sparkling water and earplugs if they want to avoid the loud bursts of the bass. 20 Vienna Hotels That Offer Much More Than Luxury And Comfort! Dabelka plays techno, acid house and underground disco at several clubs in the city and runs a DJ school for female DJs that she founded in September 2019 after winning an entrepreneurship competition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Venues are clustered inside the arches of a raised section of the Gürtel, making it particularly popular with partygoers looking to do a bar crawl. Small but mighty, Vienna’s nightlife scene punches above its weight, featuring clubs that take music seriously and keep the tracks spinning well past dawn. Follow your schnitzel with another famous treat, strudel, at Schnitzelwirt, accompanied by local Wiener Gemischter Satz Vienna wine. A DJ’s deck is in place where music is played from the 1960s to the present. The Upstairs is a small cafe while the Downstairs is a bar that becomes alive at night. This is a nightspot that boasts of a stylish architecture and luxury design. It is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns. Auf Entdeckungstour: Stadtspaziergang durch den 1. Artist Ragnar Kjartansson hosted the Icelandic Fish Soup activity which he described as an intense evening. For the gays and lesbians, visiting gay Vienna parties at Heaven Vienna is highly recommended. Every autumn, the Vienna City Hall is transformed into a disco venue showcasing the local DJs and electronic music culture. No tourist guidebook is complete without a listing of this highly recommended nightclub in Donaukanal, right in the center of Vienna. Electronic music is played regularly every Tuesdays and Saturdays. If relaxing is your way of ending your day, then the coffeehouses spread around the city are perfect for you. Vienna is one city in Europe that boasts of a vibrant electronic music scene well known worldwide. “They have massive ceilings and a lot of international visitors,” Dabelka says, adding that the sound levels are ideal for a sociable evening.

Opera Club is what you need!
Location: Praterstern 5, 1020Timings: 8 PM – 5 AM (till 6 AM on weekends). Volksgarten has always been a top-drawer for its location where summer parties mean enjoying the nigh. It has a classy ambiance and Vienna’s best sound and light systems. The Pratersauna is also strongly recommended for lovers of electronic music and perfect for Vienna student nightlife. There’s just as much to see and do in the Austrian capital when the sun goes down as there is during the light of day. Read on! “People here are very educated musically,” says Dabelka, who moved to Vienna over a decade ago from Novosibirsk in Russia to complete a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts. Following your night coffee break and your stomach is still not satisfied, you can head off to a Viennese restaurant of your choice for some scrumptious Vienna food. Nighttime is perfect for exploring a city’s entertainment spots. If you’re looking for a unique Viennese dining experience then Aux Gazelles is an excellent choice. Website; Address: Lerchenfelder Strasse 1-3; Naschmarkt. This is among the darker kinds of clubs in Vienna located right next to the train station and some food stalls serving delicious Vienna street food. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December In 2020 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! Top 20 Places To Visit In Vienna On Your Next Trip! 60 Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In 2020! The club features two dance rooms, reasonably priced drinks and a makeshift outdoor area on the street set against graffitied brick walls. Located at the top of the Steffl Department Store, Sky Bar boasts over 350 cocktails on its menu making it a great place to have drinks before or after dinner. While some of them offer the traditional ambience, there are others that feature unique and stylish interior. A. There are many ways visitors can enjoy nightlife in Vienna. Since then, neither has the place lost its badass attitude, nor a taste for hard partying. Die besten Mehlspeisen … Does anyone have any advice If you’re not a dancing type and crazy about clubbing, don’t worry. So the next time you’re in this sprightly city, make sure to soak in its glittering side that comes to life post-sundown. “They have really good techno parties and the people who come are international and mature,” Dabelka says, referring to the sophisticated crowd that tends to gather here, adding, “It always has a celebratory atmosphere.”, Like a number of nightlife spots in Vienna, Venster99 is on the Gürtel, a road that runs through the city centre. The bar has a club lounge as well where private parties can be accommodated. Nightlife in Vienna – Evening Vienna Things to do Nightlife in Vienna – Evening Vienna Things to do. Location: Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050Timings: 4 PM – 2 AM (till 6 AM from Thursday to Saturday), Image SourceLet the bass sneak into your bones with Grelle Forelle’s electronic tones ranging from Dubstep, minimal, techno, to house. Those looking for a quiet drink after a tiring day in the city can head here: Suggested Read: 13 Invigorating Things To Do In Austria That Will Make You Want To Visit Right Away. You have to know the right places to go.” Although the Viennese music scene and the city itself can seem closed off, she says, “With time, all the doors open.” She rounded up her nightlife recommendations for the city, to give an insider’s insight into the best places to go out in Vienna.