When it … Continue reading →, By Insider – Jock Phillips With the notable exception of the punning James Belich, us historians are serious types. In Australia we now know that there was more armed resistance than once believed, but it was never on the scale of Maori resistance. RSJ Blog: How similar and different is the relationship of the British monarchs with the indigenous people of Australia and New Zealand? He was previously New Zealand’s Chief Historian following 16 years teaching American and New Zealand History at Victoria University of Wellington. In the mid 20th century sporting heroes were much feted – there were huge crowds in Wellington to welcome the MCC ‘bodyline’ cricket team in 1933, not to mention tours by local heroes such as the 1925 Invincible All Black rugby team and the runner Jack Lovelock. ( Log Out /  He said that he had read what I had written about rugby in New Zealand and was … Continue reading → Posted in Arts, Culture & Heritage, Exhibitions, Insider - Jock Phillips, Rugby, Uncategorized | 2 Comments. Was I late? Find the obituary of John “Jock” Phillips (2019) from Christchurch, SI. Sacrificing the personal for the political, Jock Phillips. But of course this was purely symbolic, because all the evidence is that some members of the royal family, most notably Edward, the Prince of Wales, during his 1920 tour, were appallingly racist towards indigenous people, especially Maori. The Treaty was a consequence of this respect, not the cause of it. The strategy in many places has been to concentrate the fun around one spot – the waterfronts in New Plymouth … Continue reading →, By Insider – Jock Phillips The taiaha whistled a few centimetres before my nose. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I wandered down to the Courtenay … Continue reading →, By Insider – Jock Phillips A moment of panic as I woke. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Victoria University of WellingtonNew Zealand. Three times it happened, my … Continue reading →, By Insider – Jock Phillips ‘You can’t wear that thing …  No-one would be seen dead in it.’  Such comments have long echoed in my ears. Is it due to the Treaty of Waitangi (1840)? New Zealanders thought of themselves as the ‘most loyal’ dominion of all. Jock: I think the existence of a treaty in which the monarch was the other signatory did make a big difference. Capital weekend. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Jock Phillips. Is this an accurate impression? Over the past 24 hours I … Continue reading →, By Insider – Jock Phillips The first thing you see as you enter the re-opened Auckland Art Gallery, its opening timed for the cup, are huge exuberantly coloured inflatable flowers which hang from the exquisite laminated kauri roof.