As soon as we checked into our luxurious apartment looking out over Lake Wendouree, I knew I was going to be sold on this city… and with our first delicious meal, it was sealed!

I would just stick with the Ballarat gold mine tour at Sovereign Hill if I were you!

Victoria Happy tourism starts from Trip. Can you sense a common theme here?! Things to Do in Ballarat Sovereign Hill. Hey! Enjoying my Winter Wonderlights ginerbread man lollipop during my bush walk in the Woowookarung regional park! Next getaway? Our lives were immediately completed by a breakfast tasting board (chia parfait, smashed avo + smoked salmon and eggs, home made jam on toast) and a chorizo egg + toast dish. Although fairly dated, it will always be a staple of Ballarat. You can nearly see to the city, but what will be most impressive here is the view of surrounding farmland- green fields, paddocks, and bushland. It’s lined with mostly historic buildings, but sprinkled with a bit of more modern ones as well. Sovereign Hill is perhaps the most notable of the things to do in Ballarat – it’s a must-do for all... Ballarat Wildlife Park. There are even little penguin sleds for the little ones who may not be the most adept at ice skating quite yet . Disclosure: My blog contains affiliate links and promotional codes. This area is also home to tons of the city’s best eateries, museums, bars, and more. introduces detailedly Ballarat travel guides of 2020, where large number of Ballarat attractions in 6 are collected, and tourists can find travel guidebook regarding popular scenic spots, popular cities, travel lines, food and most popular destinations. After much deliberation we settles on the Eggs Benedict and Truffle egg toast, with a tumeric latte and a flat white. The Gold Museum is actually situated atop a hilltop point that was actually once one of the most prolific areas to mine gold in the area (and there’s not a bad view, either!). This Ballarat travel guide will outline some amazing places I got to experience, with even more possibility in the surrounding areas as well. While it miiiight not sound the most appealing, this place is much more than a trout farm, and more of a rustic and luxurious location where you can literally catch your own food and eat it moments later. The Ballarat Gold Mine can be found a few kilometers away, within a protected industrial area. Mount Buninyong is another towering mountain (okay, let’s me honest – it’s more of a medium-sized hill) that is visible from around Ballarat. Lake Wendouree is a fairly large lake just outside the Ballarat CBD. There are quite a few historic buildings you can tour, namely the Town Hall (1860’s), the Regent Threatre (1930’s) and more along  the main street, Sturt. When you click on these affiliate links or use promo codes to purchase something, I will get a small commission of the purchase at no extra cost to you (in fact, sometimes it gets you an extra discount!). This was a highlight of my day for sure, and getting to see animals so different than what I am used to will never get old during my time in Australia! Over at The Provincial Hotel, Lola restaurant serves up stylish European-inspired cuisine. This one came after our fun night at Sovereign Hill, so somehow we were actually hungry again! Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ballarat, Oct 14, 2020 Ballarat Weather:Clouds, Northeasterly Wind:10-17 kph, Humidity:67%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:41/19:41, Ballarat Driving:Suitable, Running:Suitable, Cycling:Suitable. Wander through all the gorgeous trees, flowers, marble statues, and even greenhouses on a nice sunny day. It’s perfectly mixed in with a delicious brekky in the city and a few other CBD activities. Okay, so here we go with the specific things to do in Ballarat in Winter. This is an awesome 1920’s style bar just off of Sturt Street. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when planning my visit to Ballarat. Sound magical? It has tons of info about it and the area, and houses the original Eureka Flag, which you will see absolutely everywhere in Ballarat. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services. For people in search of a quicker hike, check out the Ebling Track Walks or the Sugarloaf Track walk, too. Oh, there are SO many amazing, trendy, delicious places to eat in Ballarat – I was blown away! This park isn’t the same as your other, run-of-the-mill wildlife parks where you can gaze at kangaroos behind a fence. I was first blown away by a few asian-inspired cocktails on the list, and we were quickly drawn to the ‘full moon’ tasting platter menu for two. The Tuki Trout Farm outside Ballarat is home to luxurious, self-contained accommodation, a fantastic restaurant, and quite a lot of trout who are sadly awaiting their last fate as someone’s lunch. I made loads of new marsupial friends and even imitated a few emu before they ran away from me trying to peck a hole in the fence. Now, picture this: make the temperature nice and cold, and add in heaps of traditionally dressed villagers, bands, and processions. For the hikers, check out some amazing hiking trails in the area. It had to be Yellow Espresso – recommended to be both by Visit Ballarat and a few local friends! This was yet another lively yet cozy venue, with a bit of a twist on classic pub food. While it may be a bit different than the European mountain range of the same name, the Victorian Pyrenees are worthy of a visit just the same – both for the outdoor adventurers AND the wine lovers! Feeding a mumma with a baby in her pouch! They have a lot on offer, both of local and national beers. We made our way back into town to check out The Pub with Two Names, better known as The PWTN (which is how you’ll find it on maps and social media). I felt more Christmas spirit here than I have in quite a few years of warm Christmases…. Here are a few ideas! The rumors were true – and we had officially eater FAR too much in one day but were oh-so-happily full! SEE EUREKA FLAG No visit to Ballarat would be complete without a viewing of one of Australia's …

When I heard about the Ballarat Winter Festival, I knew that I had to plan a weekend trip from Melbourne. It’s free! This lake is amazing for going on walks/runs (it’s about 6k round trip) and also plays host to the city’s many rowing clubs. Kept that nice and short and sweet now, didn’t I?!