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While the Panama Canal is not natural, it does top every traveler’s itinerary because it's an astonishing manifestation of human ingenuity. However, there are also some of the best places to visit in Central America that you should consider. Take On the Ring of Fire in Guatemala, 13. Roatan is one of the cheapest destinations in the world to learn how to scuba dive (here, and the nearby island of Utila). Besides pristine snorkeling sites and incredible sea adventures, Caye Caulker is also known for its relaxing island vibes and certainly lives up …

Lounge on white sands and sample authentic Latin American cuisine. Other popular water sport activities in the Roatan area include snorkeling, kayaking, and dolphin watching. While a visit to the city’s most famous attraction, the Panama Canal, ranks at the top of most sightseeing itineraries, exploring the cobblestone streets and colonial buildings of the historic quarter, Casco Viejo, is also a must-do. That aside, its pristine primary rainforest that is begging to be explored. This is a popular destination for canopy tours and zip-lining, so it’s perfect for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers. Some of the best white water rafting in the world takes place on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica. Located southeast of Panama’s border with Costa Rica, this outstanding archipelago has become a burgeoning hotspot for ecotourism enthusiasts.

Visiting the ATM Cave requires a hike through the jungle, a swim inside the cave, then wading a half-mile up the river. Travelers are enchanted by Guatemala's gracious and fascinating culture, as well as the towering volcanoes, forested mountains, and Mayan ruins of unsurpassed quality. You can easily reach this island from Belize City via ferry or a short plane ride. Located near the famed Hannibal Bank, a continental shelf popular among sport fishermen, Coiba is a great place to see whales, dolphins, tuna, reef sharks, and huge schools of tropical fish. This rainforest area is connected by swinging bridges high in the trees, where you’ll be immersed in the beautiful clouds that sit high in the foliage. And both locations have excellent info about the canal’s colorful history. Lose Yourself in Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest, 11.

This cave includes impressive underground passages and cave chambers that are the largest ones discovered in the Western Hemisphere. Most of the residents descend from people whose ancestry can be traced back to West Africa.

Our favorite tours that includes visiting Nicaragua: Costa Rica is packed full of great natural sights and attractions, but if you only have time for one adventure, head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Compare prices and book with our custom-built hotel search engine. In this blog, I have narrowed down the best places to visit in Central America.These are places that I think every traveler should visit! See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites. Cuba Travel Tips: The Ultimate First-Timers’ Guide. Not only is there spectacular bird watching here but you’ll also enjoy the company of dolphins when you’re on the water. You’ll find yourself taking in colonial forts on the coast and mayan temples in the jungles.

And of course the 5,480-foot mountain still looms large, like a sleeping giant waiting for the opportune moment to re-awaken. Holland America Maasdam - Profile and Photo Tour, 4 of the Best Road Trips in Central America, Everything You Need to Know Before You Go to Costa Rica, Travel to Central and South America: A Reopening Timeline, Country by Country, Top 10 Adventurous Backpacker Destinations in Central America, Guide to Traditional Central American Food, Interesting Facts and Figures on Honduras, Travel Safety and Security in Central America, The Most Popular Destinations on the Gringo Trail, The Best Places to Visit in Central America. The best places to visit in Central America can vary widely based on your interests, however there are many highlights that cater to anyone who sets foot on the continent. Its attractions are numerous, but you’ll want to start at Bastimentos Island National Park, which offers some of the country’s best snorkeling opportunities. Easily one of the most notorious stretches of land on the planet, the Darien Gap is not a place for the faint of heart. One of Belize’s most astounding off-shore attractions is the Great Blue Hole, a huge circular reef that drops hundreds of meters to the ocean floor far below. Ometepe is an island that was formed by two volcanoes in Nicaragua, with twin peaks rising tall above Lake Nicaragua.

The biodiversity of its wildlife is astounding, including over 10,000 insect species, 370 bird species, and 140 mammal species (ranging from several kinds of monkeys and sloths to rarely spotted animals such as jaguars and Baird’s tapirs).

There’s really no way to be objective, and of course it’s impossible to visit EVERY place in a given destination unless you live there.

CENTRAL AMERICA TRAVEL: THE 20 BEST PLACES TO VISITCreating a “best of” list for any given region, country, or continent is truly a thankless task. By Lina Stock on August 25, 2020 • Last updated August 24, 2020 • Leave a CommentThis post may contain affiliate links. Ready to fly? Our favorite tours that includes the Panama Canal: One of the best places to visit in Central America, Panama’s Bocas del Toro is an archipelago packed full of white sand beaches, remote islands, and plenty of laid back tropical vibes.

Tortugero boasts 11 different habitats within its boundaries: due to the labyrinth-like network of tributaries and lagoons, it’s best to explore by boat, where the wildlife is rarely far away. El Salvador, though one of the world's smaller countries, holds numerous elements found in the rest of the Central American region, it's just in miniature form.

So consider our overview of Central America travel to be a general bucket list of places to

Located in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras, this premium scuba diving destination is surrounded by a large barrier reef.

It’s an easy day trip from San Salvador – just 40 minutes away! Costa Rica is the most popular destination in Central America for a reason. On Isla Colon, the privately-owned Finca los Manos botanical garden offers educational program and loads of local wildlife.

17 Things You Didn't Know About Central America.

While there aren’t many countries in Central America, there are certainly incredible attractions that will make your experience unique.

Home to the second largest rainforest in the Americas and the largest freshwater volcanic island in the world, Nicaragua's land mass holds 7 percent of the earth's biodiversity. Although there is no end to Central America’s attractions, most travelers make a beeline straight to the best beaches and islands. Our favorite tours that include visiting El Salvador: Off the coast of Honduras, you can find Roatan, a beautiful Caribbean island known for its diving. Located on the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park is a nature-lover’s paradise that National Geographic called “the most biologically intense place on earth.” The country’s largest national park is home to 13 different ecosystems, with extensive hiking trails through highland cloud forest, lowland rain forests, mangrove swamps, and sandy beaches.

Dreaming of a vacation? Around the world, the nation of Panama is famous for its legendary Panama Canal. Also, backpacking is a great way to get around on a seriously tight budget. On land you’ll find some great hiking trails, and wildlife ranging from nesting sea turtles to howler monkeys, Coiba Island agouti, white-tailed deer and more.

Rent bicycles from a local shop in town and pedal around the rain forest roads for spectacular views of the natural habitats and geological wonders.

Read our Disclosure here. Many travelers claim that the country's ancient Mayan sites, volcanoes, jungles, and beaches rival those of its neighbors. The country’s tiny fingernail of land is a natural and cultural wonderland, a thriving swirl of jungles, rivers, and beaches peopled by Mayans and the Garifuna.

Some of the most intriguing places to visit in Central America are in remote locations. After making their way to the Caribbean and Central America, these “Black Caribs” intermarried with indigenous Amerindians.

This UNESCO-protected marine reserve, located off Panama’s southern coast, holds a special place in our hearts: it was the place my wife (who overcame a fear of putting her face underwater) and I first learned to Scuba dive.

Today Monteverde Cloud Forest ranks among the country’s most beloved attractions, drawing 70,000+ visitors a year. The best way to see it, however, is to book a Central America cruise that transits the entire canal from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Our research is editorially independent but we may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. Love history? Fans of colonial architecture will find lots to love, from ancient ruins and the iconic Arco de Santa Catalina to gorgeous churches (Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, Iglesia de la Merced, etc.).

To give you just a little more help, you'll want to explore ways to take in as much of Central America as possible in just two weeks.

4. Your email address will not be published. One of the highlights from our visit was meeting the Embera Tribe and learning about their culture.