Depending on your pooch, it can be a little complicating putting shoes on the dog for the first time. There's even a removable contoured footbed for flexible support. When you're racking up that kind of mileage in less-than-ideal conditions, the chances are higher for paw irritation and injury. When we first saw these dog booties we weren’t convinced, especially considering the price tag.

Chances are, you have a treadmill for yourself, so bring your dog along to the exercise room, too.

We found that pet parents have mixed reviews over the Kong high-top neoprene boots, but we actually like them and they deserve a spot on any list of best dog shoes. The range, depending on breed, is between 30 minutes and two hours everyday. Waterproof, windproof, and ideal for getting a grip in winter snow, these $23 boots are a combination of a sturdy rubber sole and a softer, breathable shell that's worth taking a look at. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with applying wax, pads, or boots to your pup at all, the next best course of action is to clean their paws after every walk. And yet another set of dog boots from Ruffwear, these are a warmer pet boot design for winter traction. This way, you remove the potential irritants and toxic chemicals, which limits the amount of damage they can do. A hybrid approach between wax and disposable socks, these paw pads focus only on the part of your dog that will make contact with the ground: the pads. The Grip Trex All-Terrain boots are designed for tough, rugged territory, but the thick textured sole of the boot ensures that your dog can get a grip while protecting their feet from the elements. The tab around the top keeps the shoe from falling off your dog’s foot while they’re out and about. It’s easy to use and makes quick work of cleaning them up.

If you’re only looking for indoor dog booties, warmer weather boots, or water shoes for your pup we recommend going with these. We like these boots for any time use, but they are ideal for water use. Although the manufacturer does recommend these for outdoor use, we don’t agree, stick without indoor only use for durability.

Powered by. These quite expensive best dog shoes option are another one of our favorites for winter walking as well as tackling rough terrain though not as popular as Ruffwear. There's a gusseted tongue and OrthoLite insoles that deliver all-day comfort, while the lightweight and washable insoles retain their cushioning power long term, even if you're wearing them everyday. For a classic style you'll love forever, Brasher's premium leather Country Roamer Walking Shoes are just the answer to unrivalled comfort and quality. As the above mentioned Ruffwear best dog shoes, these are also high quality but cheaper. For the most part, dog shoes are more fashion-forward than … Built for rugged, rough terrain and withstanding the wettest conditions, Timberland's Mt. The same technique applies to putting dog shoes on his rear paws.

You could also try Hurtta Outback, Ultra Paws or Muttluks if you want more dog boot options. We don’t recommend them for summer use just because they can cause your pup’s feet to sweat. A step up (no pun intended) from washing and balms are dog shoes. Here’s another product from Original Muck Boots. We also can’t help but love how affordable these are! The inside of each boot is filled with fleece to keep feet cozy. The mesh top of the boot makes sure that feet stay cool and breathe and while they’re a slight pain to get onto your dog’s feet, they’re worth the struggle because they truly offer everything! Designed to keep feet dry and comfortable, the sole of the shoe resembles that of a human shoe offering traction but not enough for rougher terrain. For the height of dog booties,  measure from the tip of your dog’s toes up his leg. A step up (no pun intended) from washing and balms are dog shoes.