In reality, Isabella was around three years old and living in France at the time of the Battle of Falkirk, was not married to Edward II until he was already king, and Edward III was born seven years after Wallace died. Robert, now King of Scotland, leads a Scottish army to a ceremonial line of English soldiers at Bannockburn Fields, where he is supposed to formally accept English rule. However, despite seeming weak by doing this, he is actually very dominant over his son. He must always focus on Longshanks’ treacherous logic in order to survive. our people. I know, I saw. He soon led an army of Scottish descendants to the last winning battle of the Scots for their freedom (Awesome Notes, n.d.). The betrayal is compounded by the discovery that Robert the Bruce was allied with Longshanks from the beginning. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. William then killed Lochlan and Momay for their betrayal and soon after, started a guerrilla warfare against the British. He then figures out a way to capture and burn an outpost and kill the English lord who claimed the Right of Prima Noctes. (slumping into a chair) The central goal of all the characters revolves around the future of Scotland. William understands Longshanks’ treachery very well. The 16 before you passed you land and You admire this man, this William Wallace. WILLIAM William reaches up and grabs it, shocked to see it again. ability to compromise that makes a man noble. In fact, William’s entire adult life is centered around the activity of expelling the usurpers from his homeland. Princess Isabella as Longshanks’ emissary, attempts to bribe William. As he begins to ride toward the English, he stops and invokes Wallace's memory, imploring his men to fight with him as they did with Wallace. ", Free essay sample on the given topic "Summer Vacation . Games. The Scottish patriot, William Wallace, has the backing of a good percentage of the common Scottish population but knows that what Scotland really needs is a leader who can rally all the classes, and he sees that capability in the 17th Earl of Bruce. But again he is attracted to William’s position when the rebel leader says that if Robert would arise to lead, he’d follow him. Longshanks returns from France to deal with what is happening to his country—-Wallace’s sacking of York. Of visitors from outside Scotland, 15% of those who saw Braveheart said it influenced their decision to visit the country. I give homage to Scotland. Robert senior invites Wallace to a meeting in Edinburgh, ostensibly to talk strategy, but he has conspired with the English yet again, and actually plans to hand him over to them.