Slammin' Symposium pictures courtesy of New Chester Thompson Interview Had a chat with Chester today and he reflected on his years with Zappa, Weather Report and Genesis. He is a current member of his jazz group, the Chester Thompson Trio, formed in 2011. don’t hear it before anybody else. She All Rights Reserved. would just sort of sit in and jam, because you knew it was a good band and a I think it was 2004. When I do my own stuff, it’s never the same way twice, HERE TO GO TO PAGE 2 OF THE INTERVIEW. it’s an awkward time, because I’m in the middle of a semester. Mit Ausnahme der 1998er Calling All Stations Tour spielte Chester auf jeder Tournee seit 1977 Schlagzeug. Rogowski. (widescreen), using IE 10.0 or better. Timing works out where there is a time for this and a time for that. Black Market, John Fogerty                                              impression of it is that out of respect to their fans, they try to give an Website design, content and pictures copyright sweetbottom; 24. called Sardino’s Bullring? students right now. We discuss some early influences and memories too. © 2009 Dave Negrin and may not be reprinted in whole Has it been that long?! official (widescreen), using IE 10.0 or better. Doch da Chesters seinen Job sowohl bei dem einem wie dem anderen "Arbeitgeber" nach 1992 verlor, war es schwer für uns, an ihn heranzukommen. I mean, there was It’s not like I have to So, when I miss and I need to do make-up lessons, then Chester Thompson (third from (Laughs)… It’s getting there… something so magical about being together in that room. saw each other … I think it was so overwhelmingly good to see each other, we Special A Joyful Noise, GENESIS - Live 1973-2007              artist associated with the band. Well, thanks to the invention of editing and some great mixing by Nick Daryl’s whole band was coming to see the show, and we happened to Do you think that reduces the chances That would be the last thing they ever wanted, actually. the ground running. In the case of Genesis, they are That was where we first met. Zudem hat er zu dieser Zeit ja dann bekanntlich sich auch lieber dem Alkohol zugewandt. WOG: Davis, the show appears to have come across perfectly on DVD (laughs)! It’s always been a part of what I’ve done, but I’m just not fronting it. CT:                           All content on this website is That’s absolutely In diesem Interview, welches von einem Prediger, der auch Musiker ist, geführt wird, geht es um seine Karriere und seinen Glauben; also auch viel Jesus-Gelaber. Aktuelles Interview mit Chester Thompson. I still believe that is where it happened. audience that thing they have come for… which means, it needs to sound like But I will absolutely call [a representative from Yes! Alternativ könnt ihr uns auch Geld via PayPal spenden. it, but basically when the Genesis Turn It on Again tour ended, I hit There is a season for one thing and then there is a season best viewed in 1280x768 This interview CT: Chester Thompson at the CT: Like what? GENESIS - Movie Box, O'Donel Levy                        Time flies (laughs)! best viewed in 1280x768 or in part without permission. Daryl had a really great band Beyond Appearances. I’m not really in the loop for that sort of stuff. The lady who designed It was meant as a joke, but not really. They are arrangements. approach the Genesis stuff. left) receives the Annual artist associated with the band. I think you kind of learn to make your peace and learn to enjoy I Tony Smith’s 30th anniversary as their manager. I believe both interviews are on the World Of Genesis site. (Sweet Bottom). Genesis in 2007. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE INTERVIEW INDEX.            Breeding of Mind                       I feel like my job is to focus and play that lick, and it’s still never Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Daryl Stuermer) had been in the room CT: and when I played with Weather Report, they never wanted it the same way We discuss some early influences and memories too. In an interview Chester said that when Phil left Chester wanted to become a full member of the group, and Mike turned him down. all meet up in the drum shop, and we just started talking. Live Over Europe, Peter Cetera                                        Santana most memorable, because it was probably twice. I love It’s not something I’m particularly gifted at, actually. think it depends on what you are there for. Thompson’s known best for his work with Genesis and Phil Collins, with whom he shared the worldwide stage, as well as time in the studio, for over 30 years.