Born She survived the war and eventually married a Muggle. Cho and Gabriel first met directly after he was Sorted into Gryffindor, and the two enjoyed an immediate connection to each other, despite her being in a relationship with Cedric at the time. She refused to wear one of Draco Malfoy's "Support Cedric Diggory/Potter Stinks" badges, something Harry was grateful for. Species Zwischen der trauernden Cho und dem unerfahrenen Harry entsteht eine Liebesbeziehung. Harry noticed she was very pretty and she made his stomach "feel funny". Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban,, Während des Balls entwickelt sich eine Liebesbeziehung zwischen Cedric und Cho, die bis zu Cedrics Tod im, Vor Weihnachten 1995 bekommt der schon lang in sie verliebte Harry von ihr seinen ersten Kuss (, Zwischen Cho und Harry entsteht eine Liebesbeziehung. I'm sure there used to be a word for those people. Being a Quidditch star and very pretty, she was the centre of the group, having a handful of friends accompany her even to the bathroom, and up until her sixth year she was never seen without them. She joined Dumbledore's Army and became nervous whenever Harry was nearby, something Harry also exhibited. She made friends with fellow Ravenclaw Marietta Edgecombe. For the next 3 days, when Gabriel isolated himself, Marietta constantly told Cho to forget about Gabriel, declaring that he was nothing but a monster and that he doesn't love her. Ihre Trennung und ihr Streit scheinen einen Moment vergessen, und als Cho Harry anbietet, ihm das verlorene Diadem im Gemeinschaftsraum der Ravenclaws zu zeigen, unterbricht Ginny die beiden jedoch und schlägt Luna Lovegood als Begleitung vor. In her fifth year, Cho was asked to the Yule Ball by Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff student a year above her. and Cho stood up for her, angering Harry, who in turn again became angry with Harry and paranoid that he and Hermione were in a relationship. Harry Potter was drawn to Cho's good looks and developed a crush on her when she was in her fourth year,[6] and asked her to the Yule Ball in the next, though she had already agreed to attend with Cedric. "I'd march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans. He asked Cho to attend the Yule Ball with him, and she let him down kindly, even apologising for being unable to accept his offer; he still spent most of the ball watching Cho, who soon began dating Cedric. Harry, who was inexperienced with girls, found Cho's behaviour very confusing, especially when she tried to make him jealous and to gauge his feelings for her by mentioning that Roger Davies had asked her out, and ultimately leaving him in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop for the other customers to stare at him astonishingly. She also became jealous of Harry's friendship with Hermione Granger, convinced they had feelings for each-other, and in a moment of weakness and insecurity, ditched the date. It is possible that Cho attended Dumbledore's funeral with her parents, seeing as she was a Dumbledore supporter and was most likely saddened by his death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Later, though, she was able to conjure a corporeal Patronus in the shape of a swan. For the most part, Cho was often found around Hogwarts with a gaggle of girlfriends, though after one of her emotional breakdowns over Cedric's death, they apparently left her during her depression. She was also loyal and brave, having been loyal to the Tutshill Tornados for many years as opposed to jumping the bandwagon, joining Dumbledore's Army in defiance with the Ministry both out of support of Harry and in order to avenge the death of her late boyfriend Cedric, sticking up for her friend Marietta when the rest of the group ousted her for her treachery, and returning to Hogwarts in her seventh year in order to fight alongside her comrades and defend the school from Death Eaters. She was a Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and a popular student. Seit sie sechs ist, ist sie eine begeisterte Anhängerin der Profi-Quidditch-Mannschaft Tutshill Tornados. to Umbridge, and, as a result, was afflicted by the jinx performed by Hermione on the piece of parchment, signed earlier by all members of the D.A. Harry was favourable, and when she later wished Harry good luck before Gryffindor had a Quidditch match against Slytherin, Harry went bright red. Anfangs lässt sie sich noch leicht von Harrys Nähe ablenken, so dass selbst ein relativ simples Expelliarmus misslingt (HP5, 18), aber kurz vor Ostern bringt sie bereits einen echten Patronus zustande, welcher bei ihr die Form eines Schwanes annimmt (HP5, 27). Occupation So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Cho Mei Chang Because Cho was the person Cedric would miss most, she served as his hostage during the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. session. Last year, the author came under fire after she defended a UK-based tax expert who made transphobic comments and was terminated from her job due to her statements. Ihr Aussehen und ihr Name deuten an, dass ihre Familie ursprünglich aus einem asiatischen Land stammt. The conversation then led people to discuss other instances where Rowling's work has been deemed "problematic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ironically, Hermione was trying to give advice to Harry on building a successful relationship with Cho. During her grief, she was prone to many crying spells and a difficult control over her emotions, leading to a prying sort of aggression when she dated Harry to get the details of Cedric's death, and also the irrational jealousy and paranoia that ensued when Harry would bring up Hermione Granger for what Cho saw to be flippant insensitivity from Harry's end. Title(s) Marietta Edgecombe was Cho's friend and a fellow Ravenclaw. Harry hatte große Probleme, sich auf sein Lieblingsspiel zu konzentrieren, wenn Gryffindor gegen Ravenclaw spielte. She may also have been friends with Katie Bell as the two girls were in the same year and were seen chatting to one another after the Battle of Hogwarts. 9 June, 1979Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain Der Film war gleichzeitig Katie Leungs Kino-Debüt. Cho became jealous when Harry mentioned his plans to meet Hermione later in the day, and she tried to gauge Harry's feelings for her by mentioning that Roger Davies had asked her out, but this only bewildered Harry. She was a Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and a popular student. Cho ist ein Jahr älter als Harry und Sucherin im Quidditch-Team der Ravenclaws und Harrys erste Liebe. Marietta was the one that initially introduced Cho and Cedric to each other and took pride that the pair got together after the Yule Ball.