“He was just himself so that Emma could play off of him,” says Condon. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Played Henry Clerval in the two-episode US mini-series, Frankenstein (2004). Emma Watson stars as Belle while Dan Stevens takes on the role of the Beast. This is another level, really.”, The Beast doesn’t have his own number in the original 1991 animated classic. So, how did Stevens get his vocal cords in fighting shape? After filming in his suit by day, at night he would go into the studio and re-create his performances for separate facial-capture sessions where every little twitch and detailed movement — like slurping a large bowl of soup — would be shared by the onscreen Beast. Dan Stevens: 5 things to know about the 'Beast', Scrubs brand under fire for 'insensitive' ad featuring female physician, How to watch ABC News' Joe Biden town hall, 'A deep sickness': Former Republican strategist sounds off on 'Trumpism', Man who recently ran for governor arrested for murder of 12-year-old girl. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ", Onstage, Lemtov builds up to that peak, with lyrics like "Thousands tried to tame me, but I roam free, until I saw you and you saw me.". Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast will see Ewan McGregor turn into a candlestick, while co-stars Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson will morph into a clock and a teapot, respectively. BBC America's full episode service and you must have The statue's private parts were modeled on off-the-shelf sex toys, which Stevens jokes are "anatomically correct.". The Downton Abbey star was on Today yesterday (February 6) to discuss his starring role in Legion, but the presenters couldn’t help but ask about the Disney movie. The latest trailer, released last week (January 31), shows him towering over Maurice (Kevin Kline), and frightening Belle (Emma Watson) with his horned and rather hirsute visage: Wait, can that really be our Dan under all that? His shoe size is speculated to be 10 (US) or 9 (UK) or 43 (EU). "It was an amazing feeling with those flames going off. The Beast (Dan Stevens) with Lumiere the candelabra and Cogsworth the mantel clock in the castle kitchen in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," an adaptation of the studio's animated classic. The filmmakers used a technology that allowed Stevens to show his face instead of hiding it in the type of large camera rig normally worn by a motion capture actor. “Everything else looked gorgeous and beautiful. The real British dude isn't that hairy or tall in real life, so there was some serious movie magic happening. Participation in a school play deemed as a punishment unexpectedly became a source of emotional release for him. Then Stevens had to spend days on the set with the nude doppelgangers. “I’ve been working quite closely with a brilliant woman from the Royal Academy of Music, [singing coach] Ann-Marie Speed, who’s just fantastic,” Stevens said. While studying in Tonbridge, Dan often felt suffocated by the strict environment of his school. Meredith has affiliate partnerships. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. And there’s me, just sweating away through the set, ‘This is going to look different, right? Their friendship-turned-romance in the live-action flick includes an epic snow fight. "We had people singing, dancing and walking around them and we were shooting that sequence for like three days," he says. He hired a nutritionist in New York and subscribed to a dairy free. Just going to the recording studio with someone like him is an experience. He admits he did take Lemtov's gold stud earring as a keepsake. I wondered what Dan's rendition of this song would be like without the gruff filter they put on The Beast to deepen his voice. Beauty and the Beast will be released March 17. — -- We are just days away from the highly-anticipated debut of Disney’s newest live-action film "Beauty and the Beast." The song's fist-over-head, explosion-filled finale rocks. He added that the stilts required some getting used to. Stevens previously starred as Matthew Crawley on "Downton Abbey." In spring 2013, he relocated to Brooklyn Heights, His most high-profile endorsement since relocating to USA was the, Featured in an elaborate video commercial promoting the, Playing solicitor, Matthew Reginald Crawley for 3 seasons in. He thinks these sort of play things can come and go and it’ll be fine. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He was hyperactive and restless as a child in school. As I always say to my kids, if you think you can fly, always test it taking off from the ground. “Well, here’s the thing: It was all CGI,” he explains. Britský televizní a filmový herec, narozen 10. října 1982. Stevens took power-pop opera cues from real Bulgarian-Russian mega-star Philipp Kirkorov. Dan Stevens: Yes and no is the short answers to those questions. “You have to think yourself back to the scenes you shot maybe one or two weeks ago, and without moving your body, just moving your face, do the scenes whether they have lines or not,” Stevens says. Now in New York, he follows an intense exercise regime that comprises of swimming, yoga and lifting weights at the gym. But Stevens had mastered waltzing on 10-inch platform stilts as the Beast in the iconic ballroom scene, so he was up to the task. days, the closest Stevens' Lemtov comes to a shirt in "Eurovision" is a gold lamé vest that gets dramatically pulled off onstage. 23 Disney classics making live-action magic on screen, 'Beauty and the Beast' London Premiere: Red Carpet Arrivals, Rebel Belle: Emma Watson is Beyond Beautiful in EW Portraits. Victoria Belfrage, Julian Belfrage Associates. "The Beast didn’t have a song in the animated film but in the stage show he did. Disney is the parent company of ABC. Here's how Stevens, known as ill-fated aristocrat Matthew Crawley in "Downton Abbey" and seen next in the horror movie "The Rental" (out July 24), made the Lemtov leap: 'Eurovision': Will Ferrell duels Dan Stevens in flamboyant new Netflix movie. Dan Stevens as Beast, a cold-hearted, selfish, unkind prince who is transformed into a beast and forced to earn back his humanity by learning to truly love and be loved in return, as well as to give rather than take. To share this on Facebook click on the link below. Legion is awesome as well. "When I heard 'Lion of Love' for the first time, I was just crying," Stevens says. "There were a lot of push-ups," he says, "Lemtov's got his chest out all the time and I'm surrounded by these four incredible professional dancers, all shirtless and in insane shape. He started honing his acting skills at the age of 15 by working with National Youth Theatre in London during summer holidays. “Over the months, I’ve seen it emerge, this Beast,” says Dan. His drama teacher, Lawrence Thornbury and English teacher, Jonathan Smith took him under their wing and helped him manage his emotions by encouraging a deeper interest in Literature.