He “cures” her, they confess romantic feelings for each other, and they move in together. I’ll answer that one: it’s because they’re both played by veteran Jacqueline Bisset, who is the best thing about “Double Lover”. What’s going on here?

I haven’t read the source material, so I don’t know if it includes the scenes of body horror that turn “Double Lover” into “Humanoids from the Deep” in its last reel. Most people believe that it is impossible to feel both family love and lovers love towards the same person simultaneously, that the two roles will necessarily conflict and cause any type of incestuous relationship to be inherently unhealthy. Ozon’s camera leers at the bodies of his lovers as they go through the motions of simulated sex or lounge around stark naked. “Double Lover” is as much, if not more, Ms. Vacth’s movie as it is the director’s. He likes movies.

But Louis’ “therapy” is supposed to be better than Peter’s. “Double Lover” nods a bit to David Cronenberg’s “Dead Ringers” (1988) and Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant” (1976), two arguably classic thrillers on doppelgängers and madness, and Mr. Ozon’s stylistic gymnastics sometimes bring to mind Brian De Palma, who made a film about good/bad twins early in his career. Similarly, every time we suspect she’s merely nuts a plot turn suggests she may actually be the victim of gas-lighting. Chloé, looking underweight, has complained about chronic stomach pains to her gynecologist. Never Make Rules: Director Rachel Talalay on A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting, Netflix's Social Distance Struggles to Sum Up the Ordeal of 2020, A Preview of the 56th Chicago International Film Festival, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Offers Hours of Deadly Fun. He’s handsome, gentle, compassionate. And a crazy, and eventually strangely moving, thing it is.

Ozon’s direction is more interesting than the script he adapted from a Joyce Carol Oates novel. The following scene takes place in the bleaker confines of a gynecologist’s office. "Rob is great.

When she makes a therapy appointment with Louis, she’s stunned to find he looks exactly like Peter, though in a more macho, disheveled way. She modulates Chloé’s mood from slumping vulnerability to hip-swinging confidence, from a whirlpool of self-doubt and near despair to defiance. Is he unsure that audiences will follow his tale closely enough and catch clues both subtle and broad? Double Lover is a heady affair, both as a mind trip and a genitally-focused tale exploring the physical and mental state of identity. Review: ‘Double Lover’ Is a Knotty Delight of a Thriller, Jérémie Renier and Marine Vacth in “Double Lover.”. But there is nothing sexy about “Color of Night,” not even in the coveted VHS unrated version that gave viewers a glimpse of Willis’ junk. Read his answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here. It’s an experience guaranteed to leave viewers feeling as disoriented and dizzy as Chloé herself. His last name is really Delord. Renier does equally compelling work as the two brothers, and while the only visible distinction is in their hairstyle he creates clear distinctions in his mannerisms, expressions, and even his gaze making their individuality clear.