All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He's an avid gamer and can be found nowadays either messing around in Red Dead 2, or being cheap as can be as Reaper in Overwatch. Sony shut the company down shortly after Driveclub was launched to little fanfare. On top of that, the game's servers will be shut down on the 31st March, 2020. This maybe was the biggest problem for the 2014 online-heavy racing game from Sony Interactive Entertainment, and as of March 31, 2020, marks the day the music dies and the Driveclub … Driveclub is a racing game for the PlayStation 4 that was released in 2014, with Driveclub VR being released for the PlayStation VR two years later. This caused the developers to scramble to find a solution to fix that problem. You have one year to play it. A graduate of Edge Hill University in the UK, Scott started out as a film student before moving into journalism. The loss of Driveclub's online mode and StarBlood Arena on PlayStation might be offering a glimpse at a future where games will be lost forever when a streaming service shuts down. All online features (including online multiplayer modes) will cease on that date. RELATED: Watch: One Modder Has Created A 24-Player Mario Kart, And It's Insane. All three of the Driveclub games will no longer be sold on August 31, 2019. He can be contacted on LinkedIn. By Scott Baird Apr 02, 2019 You have one year to play it. For a game predicated so much on multiplayer interaction, that ain’t much. Buying DriveClub in 2020. 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Jamie Latour is a writer and actor based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can’t beat Minecraft Steve’s Smash Bros. victory screen. You will still be able to play and enjoy these games in single player offline modes. The Driveclub titles aren't the only ones that will be affected by server shutdowns, as StarBlood Arena will also be losing all of its multiplayer features on July 25, 2019. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. More: New Call of Duty Blackout Map Releasing for PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 racer is no longer on sale after August 2019. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. His love for video games goes all the way back to the age of 4, playing Mega Man 3 for the first time on his NES. The game can still be played in offline modes, but all online features will be disabled when the servers go down. It turned out that wasting a childhood playing video games, reading comic books, and watching movies could be used for finding employment, regardless of what any career advisor might tell you. All online features (including online multiplayer modes) will cease on that date. This gives everyone a final year of Driveclub membership. The rest of Evolution’s employees were then folded into the Codemasters development team. Driveclub never really took off the way developers at Evolution Studios wanted it to. From his hyperactive childhood to his....Well, still hyperactive adulthood, he's been writing and performing in some capacity for practically his entire life. This gives everyone a final year of Driveclub membership. StarBlood Arena is an online-only game, which means that it will no longer work following the server shutdown. Driveclub’s last update came in March 2016 with the final DLC pack for the game. Furthermore, the game had an absolutely dismal launch. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes all go dark on March 31, 2020. The same day, Sony announced that developer Evolution Studios would be shut down. This is even sillier when you realize what he’s holding ... 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There were a ton of issues with their servers, and for a while, Driveclub owners were having trouble even being able to get online. It's easy to understand a company shutting down servers for older consoles, but Driveclub is on a system that is still very much alive and is a game that has sold millions of copies, which means that anyone who still enjoys the game online and purchased DLC solely for the multiplayer content is now having that taken away from them. Sony is Killing DriveClub in 2020 and Players Will Only Be Able to Play Offline Sony has announced that the DriveClub servers will be shut down in 2020, which means that content that players have purchased will be inaccessible. You can also find him on social media as @SpontaneousJam on Twitter (because Spontaneous James was too long apparently). Ultimate: Steve’s Moveset Explained, Among Us: How to Spot Someone Faking a Task, First Xbox Series X Pre-Order Shipments Are On Their Way To Stores, Genshin Impact Will Receive Map Expansion In December, Dr Disrespect Is Finally a Video Game Character, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition: Superior to Physical, How Star Wars: Squadrons' Story Connects To Established Canon. It’s sad that after all the trouble Evolution Studios had in getting the servers up, that they’d be shut down years later so unceremoniously. Before then, Aug. 31, 2019, the games and all of their DLC will be delisted from the PlayStation Network Store. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Scott now writes game reviews for Screen Rant and The Gamer, as well as news reports, opinion pieces, and game guides. However, despite this looming shutdown date, season passes and other content are still going to be offered until August 31st of this year. This will be surely come as a shock to Driveclub fans everywhere, but Sony made the sad announcement that the racing game’s servers will be shut down on March 31, 2020.