Coming back to ‘further learning’ if studied Masters program after bachelors my degree would have fully accredited under Washington accord (but how UK stopped giving work permit to international students until they found a job within 3 months after their graduating and company hiring them providing them with sponsorship else they leave the country?? It indicates that you are having an opportunity to use the engineering principles that you learned at university.

Thanks for the comments. but all responses I get offering me position for a Machine Operator, Sales, General Labor and other jobs will not even qualify as engineering experience with the PEO. I responded: if you don’t understand that I have to be good in entire water resources, then let’s finish this interview now. The U.K. is twice as crowded as Canada, however creates seven fold the number of specialists. significant role of regulatory agencies in the practice of engineering. I am a water resources engineer meaning I have formal education and training in municipal infrastructure, flood protection, hydrology, hydraulics, irrigation, power generation and environmental protection (source of water protection).

You have an undergraduate engineering degree and at least 7 years of engineering experience or you have graduated from an ECSA-accredited program (South Africa) prior to 1999. by writing the professional practice exam and checking your work references. I would say in my experience not all associations carry out interview process before they decide to give applicant confirmatory exams, and are as fast as PEO in assessment of application. BC requires major buildings to be designed by Struct.Eng, P.Eng is not enough. Is this true? Furthermore, more and more engineering is itself virtual (automation for driverless cars, for instance).

The P.Eng. I also know plenty of engineers who decided to leave Canada because of that, including some good German people. The PEO Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) gives the opportunity for experienced licensed professionals to transfer their skills and knowledge to aspiring EITs pursuing their engineering licence. See the full list of discounts and benefits offered through the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Affinity program. By the time an applicant makes it through all of these obstetrical, he or she doesn’t do it anymore. I do not want to be “black listed” of some sort. Its good, we both came to the same conclusion. In any case, so as to build a prosperous future, increasingly youthful Canadians must be motivated to design, to comprehend through dismantling, and to take care of issues.