B��"��fO�u�ooe��bxʣ���Q�-s�!-����G�� * Business English students Sentence Starters: Useful Words and Phrases You Can Use As Sentence Starters, Transition Words Used as Sentence Starters, Winter Animals: List of 20+ Best Winter …, Deep Sea Creatures: List of 25+ Creatures …, Popular Text Abbreviations & Internet Acronyms in …, Adjectives to Describe a Person | Useful …, There is growing support for the notion that …, The data gathered in the study strongly suggests that …, The supposition drawn from this being that…, The focus of discussion in this paper is …, The premise of (the topic) seems to be based on …, Latest research corroborates the view that …. Explore more than 398 'Sentence Starters' resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on 'Sentence Openers' The aim is to get students into ‘learning mode’ as soon as they enter the classroom or learning environment.

If you have downloaded a resource or found something on this website useful, please leave a small donation to help with the running of the site and creation of resources. Sentence Starters! Please get in touch to discuss your needs! Make this an anonymous donation. << /Type /XRef /Length 58 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Columns 4 /Predictor 12 >> /W [ 1 2 1 ] /Index [ 2 23 ] /Info 13 0 R /Root 4 0 R /Size 25 /Prev 34433 /ID [] >> In this article, we will learn a …, Deep-Sea Creatures! This is a great tool for aspiring writers, that I bet, me and you. It is great. �l���tT��戃ͣ�[�g�S�G���� �vyd�8p�yT~k���6��:dsCu����h��1V��X�c��w꟪RW���k�ݯ�n�Ǎ����5"o��+���ם�7���&��ڬ�ےGG�kЌ�;`�U�3:g��|��I����Ml_�m���3~�S�Z�M�$�crFAԠ���=T5k� ����/,�����!=Taݬ"�Ͼ#y�I�ؾ���M���Pz����YetGV,�$�;�pJZ#gi^�;��hf��i����~�^|" mB(���ea֦>D0f�?VGe�qX������A�r8� �H"Aa����c�߆! Using sentence frames and explicit feedback thoughtfully can provide the right balance of structure and scaffolding for English language learners. Check this https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/retrieval-practice-activities-12326967 #mfltwitterati. endobj Acrostic (Vocabulary Starter Activity) – write a … If not, go to the ‘Sign Up’ page and join to stay up-to-date with the latest content, ideas and resources. A teacher needed a last-minute substitute and all I knew about the lesson was that kids were supposed to give feedback to each other on homework. Great. In this article, you will learn a list …, Ugly Animals! Thank you.

Here you will find a useful list of common sentence starters that you can use in a discussion as well as in essay writing. I would just like to clarify that ‘TheIdealTeacher’ is simply the website’s name and it’s what I aspire to be and what I am working towards. If you download the resource below and it saves you time, Spontaneous Speaking with Video Clips in the Language Classroom. stream x�c```g``z� ��p e31B��~3�30�q-������Q�� �=� So, I quickly wrote these sentence stems on this sheet of paper, took all the kids out to the hallway, lined them up across from each other (think two parallel lines here) and asked them to offer feedback on the homework using these sentence … Feedback beyond the sentence Feedback is rightly considered to be a key part of teaching. Thank you very much in advance for your kind generosity  - Sabina, Enter your details to keep up to date with the latest resources, straight to your inbox >>.

As teachers it's important for us to give feedback to students; it helps students see the reason for the task. << /Linearized 1 /L 34708 /H [ 743 131 ] /O 6 /E 34433 /N 1 /T 34432 >> endobj * KS3, and GCSE French students

Get students to categorise them.

This is a very natural part of speech, as conversations … The best 25 starter activities to settle learners in your language classrooms. 3 0 obj PayPal So, if you are looking for a snappy vocabulary starter activities, error-correction tasks, something to focus students on sentences or to develop comprehension abilities, check out the corresponding sections below. 4 0 obj When I started teaching English language learners, I avoided addressing my students’ language errors in class because I was just grateful that they … #mfltwitterati 2, Support TheIdealTeacher.com !3[�������|��������Ŭ4X!�{��\�*g�����Eb��O|��]j��ipZY�P�`8r.+#�-H��]V�]!tr+���P �tL��� ��

Please get in touch to discuss your needs! * French GCSE & French iGCSE (AQA, Edexcel, Pearson, Eduqas, OCR, WJEC & CIE) I create all resources and on average, they take 5 hours to prepare. �����c��������H�+�˪, X�7t���Y�J���p��23��~k7�2A�I�i�^����������:�f�^F��������39�t�BO�Ȕp���$�G�z6*�`I,,�tb�h;C;S�`AŘ/�jHL��3*�͂���>3����F�F#q%��?Z�2�t��D{z�dtɌP;��3�7X>$z[ It’s amazing how many times a… Read more ». Required fields are marked *. stream

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I posted on my Facebook page recently that I have been implementing 5-minute starters with all my language groups recently.

Can also be used at sentence level too. Like this idea for remembering vocabulary. Not only with my ESOL classes, but with my private French, German and English classes too. “I think differently now than I thought 20 years ago” is not proper English! * Home-educated students learning French & German That's to say how well the message was communicated. 5 0 obj £ Donation Amount: << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 3637 >>

If you did, you can download my handy 5-minute starter activities for the language classroom here: Did you enjoy this 5-minute starters for language classrooms post? �r�y�Q@�jS���т�SHk�GODU�u�0v��@P�5��Qg^�������V��G�d�δ�4�b���(�D�;zρ��thO�����5���$�O�9L�9�}"_O �q�ʞ�A�N���ޣm�iaZU $��Db `ϭ/e�b�vH�LZ�]o�[��>�$�G�JP�J"��s��D�� �)+m¬�sf��9�I1&�z-��y��_�u!������$[��!�V�H�S�!ɳU$��w8�ڋ�����54s8���T-�y�"���T�#1*�S���;Hɖ*zsK;$:���21rw���KNE0����CIe$�:�t�5� ��5]����}"s����pRG!j�bYП�P.%��r���~�|rWM�ޖ�ڭ�&�|�T�� ��Ik��9�7'�Y� ��r��j �4.�g�$�lt��J����砼gr�Lq^��q�+�T��\��)T�K����89kПX�����t�����Tӳ��_���zW�9�km��ֻ3T�z�y��JקZ���P-q�9�N��Ӟza(�0�Ђ�i�SW$�>?��\�H'��]��'���P�ј��v\�����Ue�������Q݅�+T�D�V݊t��RHtY�P�p �̗

p.s. * assess their current strengths and weaknesses and personalise each lesson to their needs
* Distance learning French & German language learners 6 0 obj “I think differently now from how I thought 20 years ago” is an example of the proper use of “different from”. �P���N{�F'�rob/G#��HC�{9�C�l@cd���~�GByVo��L>�ʫ�9L�Sf] �$�0z�~����i=� ��-�V�͟�p�v���i'hA��Z������@�L�Bڥ�:��h$u���C���7���3j�y��u�ձG��v�P��cU����%�D��� �b6[C!�]��������#q���`��8SHk���?� Thanks in advance  – Sabina.

First Name * * KS3, GCSE, Pre-U and A-Level German

As well as teaching languages, I love creating French and German KS3, GCSE, Pre-U and A-Level resources and sharing teaching ideas to save other MFL and language teachers time. We can give feedback on the task. Need some video inspiration for your lessons? Sentence Starters! Thanks for sharing! endstream The catch is, that they have to choose the headings. In this article, we will show you a …, Deep Sea Fish!

* A-Level German (AQA & WJEC) / Pre-U German Here you will find a useful list of common sentence starters that you can use in a discussion as well as in essay writing. A very good 5-minute starter that gets all students involved with their heads down immediately! TAG Feedback Sentence Starters T Tell s omething y ou liked…. * improve exam skills

Email Address * * CEFR Levels A1-C2. * … and whatever else they want to work on!

endstream Granted that ,wonder of wonders etc.

<< /Pages 14 0 R /Type /Catalog >> Have you joined my mailing list? £1 - Small Donation£2My Own DonationEnter Details Securely > 25 BEST 5-MINUTE STARTERS TO SETTLE LANGUAGE STUDENTS. Specially for people from other countries. Thank you very much in advance for your kind generosity  - Sabina I’m Sabina – an insanely passionate, qualified French and German teacher and tutor, as well as an experienced EFL teacher. Hi!

%���� So much to talk about/infer in each one. German, French & ESL Teacher – Simplifying Language Learning & Acquisition.
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Are you looking for some quick adaptable retrieval practice templates? Personal Info %PDF-1.5 It’s at the bottom of this warmer ideas post.

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<< /Filter /FlateDecode /S 36 /Length 54 >> teaching resourceDigital Learning Background for Teachers - Classroom teaching resourceDressing Up A Sentence Activity teaching resourceFunky Pumpkin Halloween Craft Template teaching resourceNarrative Plot Structure Template teaching … The science of teaching and learning Teacher Network.

* develop communication skills (speaking, listening & translation)