Winters icy blast makes me glad the boat is safely on her mooring and we are bound for California in a week. Evidence of funds can be of several types: Medical examination can only be carried out by New Zealand-approved medical personnel.

We are having a good time in the US, the weather has been amazing.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Up until 2 pm NZ time you can safely call the folks in the US and not have them get annoyed or risk dragging them out of bed. Everything we know about moving to New 31 easy steps. , What a great story and information that will help may people I the future. Certificate of previous education with a translation; The minimum limit salary for Skilled Migrant Visa (as well as for Essential Skills Work Visa) is 25 NZD/hour for jobs in categories 1-3, 37.5 NZD/hour for jobs in categories 4-5, and 50 NZD/hour for bonuses, An assessment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority of the level it occupies on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), The level it occupies on the NZQF as set out in the 'List of Qualifications, The level it occupies on the NZQF based on the applicant’s occupational registration in New Zealand (if that registration involves an assessment of comparability with a qualification on the ‘List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment’), Whether or not the profession belongs to the. It is true that the cost to live in New Zealand tends to be higher than in most countries, and because of this, almost all ex-pats  (those who have made the move to New Zealand from the UK at least) moan about the cost of groceries. Waving goodbye to my relatives in England. Up until 2 pm NZ time you can safely call the folks in the US and not have them get annoyed or risk dragging them out of bed. ‍♀️, Yes, the Brits can be a bit abrupt (especially if you get them on a rainy Wednesday afternoon and they’re dying for a cup of tea!). If you move to New Zealand from the UK on the other hand, then the time difference is a killer.

A nice break from winter! Listen to the podcast and you’ll see that there really isn’t enough difference in prices to justify coming to New Zealand and getting your knickers in a twist about a tin of Heinz tomato soup. I don’t want you coming here thinking that everything in New Zealand is perfect.

Upon arrival in New Zealand (Opua for us) each of our passports were stamped with Visitor Visas, good for three months. While this might not seem like a great deal of money to some rich and wealthy people, start multiplying that price difference by four and the cost to get back to Blighty starts looking rather hefty.

Photo size 900 x 1200 px - 2250 x 3000 px. No sir. Don’t care.

Instead, I got to the other side of the world and blubbed for six months about how my family never returned my calls and that the bathroom in the house that we were renting was cold and smelly and damp. New Zealand customer service. We are already back in Auckland. I have considered moving there as well but wasn’t sure where to even start.

If you are moving to New Zealand from the US  (or even visiting from the US)  then be prepared. If we couldn’t get work we’d be on our final approach to the NW from Hawaii by now. Required fields are marked *. People were incredibly rude.

Cost of foundation courses: about 18250 NZD/year; Search for work during or after studies and.

(As a side note, if you do come to New Zealand and get caught unawares by the sun then try apple cider vinegar for sunburn – it works wonders!).

It’s relentless on the skin. Receive an invitation to apply for a visa; Submit documents for a permanent visa. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Other documents depending on the type of visa and upon request.

Check out the official immigration website for a guide on the costs involved for the visa of your choice.

Obtaining a temporary residence visa with the right to live and work (2-33 months, depends on the type of visa); Obtaining citizenship after 5+ years of residence in the country. All documents attached to the application must be translated into English. The certificate must be no older than 6 months at the time of application. Sounds like a 100-step process I bet! One that has never been oiled.

Especially a British one – they’re the worst. south pacific. Or dieting.

I wish I’d read a post like this when we were looking to move to New Zealand ten years ago.

Translation can be done by: In New Zealand, secondary education lasts 12 years, so that if your country has an 11-year secondary education system, you must undergo. So happy for all of you. I don’t do hormones. We sailed our Benford 38 Wondertime north to Canada, South to Mexico, and west across the Pacific to New Zealand.

What a great guide guys, thanks for compiling all the steps together. Recording the podcast with cake. Here it comes.

I do Wine. I wonder if he can remember the name of that man? Nervy or Naive.

and paperback at all major online bookstores.

Now if you can just Nigel Calder over for scones and Fatty Goodlander for whatever he likes, you’ll have it! Protection will also not be given to those who are suspected of committing serious crimes: for example, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Go to any BBQ with an ex-pat and they are bound to start talking about the price of fish.

I am going to bookmark this and plan to bring many of the documents you listed with us on our journey in case we’d like to do the same here or somewhere else.

Police certificate must be obtained in a home country. Until then, Kia Kaha.

$650 more than our family ever anticipated. Get saving. You’ll know when you meet a real kiwi. As a family, we have travelled all over the world and have experienced lots of sunshiny weather and I tell you this: nowhere else in the world does the sun feel as though it is ‘biting’ into your delicious English rose skin. I’m not happy with this bank/restaurant/garage, Me: Yeah, if things don’t improve I might leave and go elsewhere.

If you are thinking if you can move to New Zealand, the answer is “yes”, but you should be prepared. It’s true. I’m not a doom and gloomer.

Submit an application for an investor visa with documents and certificates of the fee payments; Wait for results (several months) and submit additional documents upon request; Transfer funds to New Zealand and invest in the New Zealand economy within 12 months; Apply for permanent residence after 3-4 years of holding the investment.

Just go to the BBQ and have a sausage.

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I do Travel.

I have flown both ways and yes, the complimentary New Zealand wine is far nicer than any British plonk that I have ever been offered, but not two hundred spondoonies nicer. I might even tell my friends that you’re really crap. Would you love to travel to places like New Zealand more often but could use a few tips on how to do it for a lot less? As much as you promise each other that you’ll all keep in touch and say you’ll Skype each other every week, you have to be realistic. Labor immigration to New Zealand To immigrate as an employee, you need to find a job in advance and receive an official invitation from the future employer. New Zealand needs workers and talented people, and most of all welcomes immigration of students and professionals, while family-based immigration is much more difficult. State the intent to seek asylum in New Zealand in person or in written form. You seriously had Lin and Larry Pardey over for drinks on Wondertime? Thanks so much for commenting Nicole (as a matter of interest, where are you from?) 8 (Brilliant) Methods That’ll Cost You Nothing. Life in New Zealand is the best I have ever known. But compared to the global rankings it is listed at 118. It includes people who are outside their country of permanent residence, the return to which would put them at risk of violating their fundamental human rights on the basis of:{"autoUpdate"%3A["autoUpdate", Language proficiency, partner language proficiency, Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Visa, Confirmation of Claim to Refugee and Protection Status in New Zealand (INZ 1071), regarding citizenship on the official website, Education at a university or language course, Membership in Edmund Hillary Fellowship, buying or starting a business in New Zealand, Partnership with a resident or citizen of New Zealand, Close relationship (partner, parent, child 24 years old and younger than a citizen or resident), Candidate with a job offer from an accredited employer (, Outstanding people in the fields of art, culture and sports, Candidate with a job offer from a religious organization, Dependent child (up to 24 years old) of avalid citizen or resident, Parent/guardian of adult citizen/resident, Parent of an adult citizen/resident with high income, Family member, partner, dependent child (up to 24 years old) of a refugee, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

If there is no money, you can ask for. We miss it so.

Using New Zealand movers will help you a lot for your move! 4. Don’t ask me about that I haven’t got a clue about science or clouds. Other documents required to support the application. We now have almost completed our residency, have a Mexican Corporation, and now operate several new ventures. Hi Lin~ We sure enjoyed having you and Larry over. I think this term came about when a young son ran outside to his father to inform him that his mother had just frozen to death while peeling the potatoes.

Receive a visa and move to New Zealand. Pretending it’s normal to live in a house that is colder inside than out.

Message me with any questions that you might have, and I will gladly help you in any way that I can. The adventure contunues. By law of the soil - at birth in New Zealand; If one of the parents holds New Zealand citizenship; Good knowledge of English, which is checked at an interview, or when a candidate mails an example of his written work in English, for example, work from school; Living in New Zealand for 5 consecutive years. (That and selling our old VW van with the dodgy exhaust before we left the UK).

Nice website and good advice for those thinking of coming down to New Zealand for work.

Hopefully we’ll cross paths again before too long…. It was also required for Michael to keep the job for a certain amount of time (3 months, done thankfully!). There. You need the appropriate moving help for your relocation to NZ in order to make it an easier one.

We hold full copyright to this website. The post includes a podcast and a video where I take you around the city and share with you the price of different items. Something to remember.

Is there anything worse than a moaning Minnie? 18+, if the partner is 16-17 years old - parental consent is required; Partners met in person before applying for a visa; The partner should not be a close relative (as defined by the. Great having drinks on board Wondertime last week. Either that or pack plenty of woollies. New Zealand wins hand down for the harshest sunshine in the world. Tell her to put another jersey on and take a cement pill. Not me.