That's where I was—just dead. I was able to go back into boxing because I'd learned from the children.You don't have to try to hurt people and be angry to be an athlete. Didn't know anything at all. Why don't you say something about Jesus?" He never acted like the boss, because he knew he was not. During their ring days, Ali and Dundee produced ring poetry that would have made Langston Hughes envious. I found peace of mind.
It wasn’t the only time Dundee used savvy in the corner to aid Ali. George Foreman says he lost his best friend when Muhammad Ali died Friday night ... but the former heavyweight champ tells TMZ Sports he takes solace knowing Ali … What's your favorite thing about being a Christian? Today marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ heavyweight clash between ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali and the most formidable puncher of his time, George Foreman. The one prayer that I'll always be grateful for [involved] my nephew, George Edward Dumas. I don’t play the part of God. He’s a man; he can take care of his own things.

So, I got there, and I asked the guy who ran the church, his name was Dr. [Robert] Schuller [now pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in. But he gave a new dimension (because) he boxed as a heavyweight. last spoke to boxing great George Foreman, click through our gallery of personal photos. Although Foreman is said to have made over $150 million from his popular line of grills, he continues to preach, as he has for years, at The Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Houston, Texas, and is currently a judge on ABC's "American Inventor."

We won't see that again.

He was literally dying and was in a coma. I said, "Okay." When I was in that dressing room [after the fight withYoung], down on that floor, blood on my hand and forehead, screaming that Jesus Christ was coming alive in me, I wasn't interested in any religion. "George Foreman is nothing but a big mummy. If he had two dollars, and you asked him [for it], he would conceal that it was his last two dollars and give it to you. Tell me a little about your relationship with Muhammad Ali now. You said that you were interested in several religions before you became a Christian and that you toyed with the idea of becoming Muslim like Muhammad Ali [who took Foreman's heavyweight title in a bout in Zaire in 1974]. He took my title, never gave me a title shot. Before you found God, you were a very angry person and even wanted to hire a hit man to kill people who had wronged you, but you discovered forgiveness. “I told Willie, ‘There’s some kinda nut downstairs who wants to come up.’ Willie said, ‘There’s nothing on TV; let him come up.’ He wanted to know everything about boxing.

Jesus is really alive." He’d check himself out every day,” Dundee recalls. So I just go there and say, "Muhammad is talking about Allah, and I’m going to talk about Jesus." Waiting for your permission to load the comments. Three-and-a-half hours later, they left.”, GALLERY: MUHAMMAD ALI IN ALL HIS CHARISMATIC GLORY. He doesn’t have any regrets. We [would go] to church as brothers--he called me the preacher, and he was Brother Foreman—until the day he died. Never believing it, nor did I intend to ever believe it. His management team contacted Dundee and interviewed him. So I picked a certain corner, just by coincidence. In the early years, Dundee used a trainer’s best friend — backdoor psychology — to impart subtle technique improvements.

He asked (Clay) to sweep the kitchen (at camp). This kid was a student of boxing. For those unfamiliar with the Rumble in the Jungle fight, it saw Muhammad Ali face off against George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaira. You said that [after the fight] you had the experience of dying and going to a really dark, scary place. While in the locker room after the fight--which he lost--he said he had died and gone to a dark place from which he was ultimately rescued by the grace of God. Just talking about it makes me sad.”. I said, "Look, I’m not playing, man. We're signing notes, "I love you. Tell us about your favorite answered prayer. GEORGE FOREMAN has revealed that Muhammad Ali once admitted to him that he didn’t believe he could’ve beaten Mike Tyson in his prime. George Foreman and Muhammad Ali read the Bible together in 1984. Isn't that the strangest thing in the world?

Perhaps that is why their bond was as sturdy as a 100-year-old oak. Was that a coincidence? I [began] traveling from one street corner to another, three-fourths through Louisiana, Tyler, Texas, all around Houston. There never were bumps in the road; that is why the relationship lasted.”, Dundee resisted any notion of trying to mold Clay into something he was not, in or out of the ring. One person after another. As a matter of act, I called all my friends whom I'd mistreated, and asked their forgiveness. Oh, not in this life now. But he worked to the fullest the moment he got into the gym. Trump just keeps coming at them, more in the style of George Foreman, relentlessly delivering pounding head and body know, like the epic fight in Africa, when Foreman broke Ali… He just couldn't move much. He just looked so tacky. Before you became a believer, your advisors had suggested you clean up your bad-guy image by speaking at churches.

A lot of fighters hate it. “I learned an object lesson: Star quality shouldn’t be with star quality,” Dundee says. I would never tell a guy to stop.

He had gone on the Dick Cavett Show, he and the girl he was staying with [actress Barbara Hershey]. I was thinking, "How am I going to get all these people?". Shortly after that incident, he gave his life over to God and became a Christian minister. Ali was different, Dundee says, and he sensed it almost instantly upon meeting him for the first time in 1957. That was my reputation with him — period.”. That was the atmosphere I wanted to create. Flat-footed and flummoxed, the 31-year-old champion was drilled into submission by a succession of Clay combinations. He never took another drink. "Stop it. He had such great balance. Foreman told us about his last interaction with Ali: "Last year, at the end of the year, I spent some time with him in Louisville. He said, "I believe you.". If you multiply every sad thought you've ever had in your life, you wouldn't come close to this dump yard. “I was closer to the situation than anybody,” Dundee said. But when I found God after my experience with Jesus Christ, and I saw this place—this big nothing that I was in, I [realized that] I had not found an enemy in this world that I would wish to go to this place. You’re selling a product — I was selling my fighter — and he was the perfect student because he listened. He was literally dying and was in a coma.

Dundee theorized that the irritant was medicine from a cut on Liston’s face or rubbing alcohol used on the champion’s sore shoulder. I've found my peace of mind. I started a youth center in Houston. The punching bag used to be the fellow I was going to fight. When I was in that dressing room [after the fight withYoung], down on that floor, blood on my hand and forehead, screaming that Jesus Christ was coming alive in me, I wasn't interested in any religion. And everybody laughed. They didn't need all that killing instinct they'd read about. But that would have halted the bout and likely delayed for years another title shot for the unproven, and many believed overrated, heavyweight from Louisville. Then I went to sleep.

When Beliefnet interviewed you a couple of years ago, you spoke about your spiritual experience after your match with boxer Jimmy Young in 1977 [Young won by knockout]. He looked Buddhist or something. The trainer recalls telling the team he would gradually groom the fighter.

“What saved us were his tear ducts, thank God,” Dundee says. Did he try to discuss the Qur'an with you? Click on the photo to view more from Foreman's personal collection. Had Angelo Dundee acquiesced to Cassius Clay’s demands on that fateful night in Miami Beach in 1964, “There never would have been a Muhammad Ali,” insists Ferdie Pacheco, the fighter’s former physician. There were people who were going behind my back and told lies, who had stolen money [from me]. Blinking badly, Clay bounced around the ring, ducking and holding, as Liston pursued with a sense of urgency.

But I loved that. By the end of Muhammad Ali's legendary boxing career, he had become the first three-time heavyweight champion. And I'd try to show them they didn't need anger. Namely because, as the trainer says, “The kid was electric.”. But, when I found Jesus Christ, the first thing that came to my mind was to make sure I shared my experience with Muhammed Ali. When I was 55, I was going to do it, but my wife put her foot down, and said, "No way!"
Martin Rogers takes a look at Ali's legacy. Ali, meanwhile, recovered with smelling salts administered by assistant Chickie Ferrara.

I said, "Don't you believe in me? Box this guy, box this guy move, run!’”. One like your mother has." “In fact, I have quite a reputation for using a sharp shovel when I look for opponents.”. That was a big key for Muhammad. They remained friends their entire lives, a virtual rarity in the cruel blood sport. We're great friends. I filled the sponge with water and ran it into both of his eyes, then wiped them clean.”. And he said, "What kind?" The next week, that boy was walking around as normal. And a friend said that there was a church in Garden Grove [in California] that had a little luncheon every day, and they invite people to speak.