His first appearance on the programme was on 1 October 2007.

And we love naughty Nancy lapping up the other dramas she sees from behind the bar with a cheeky smirk on her face!". Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) interferes in the relationship however, and they soon break up. “There’s so many scenes to film and so much work to get through. Himesh Jitendra Patel (born 20 October 1990 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire) is a British actor who began his career in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, playing Tamwar Masood. 90% of British students attend state high schools, Oxford and a Cambridge draw only about half their student body from there. He immediately leaves Walford and flies over to Bulgaria to be with her. Tamwar's new boss, Aleks Shirovs (Kristian Kiehling), arrives at his house and accuses him of stealing money from the workplace, when it was actually Masood. Hill's casting as Nancy was announced on 29 October 2013, on which the actress said: "I feel incredibly privileged to have been given such an amazing opportunity and I can't wait to start work with such a talented cohort of actors". Emmerdale: What happened to Lisa Dingle? Although Tamwar is again flustered by it, this time, Nancy is grateful and they kiss again and begin dating. Her father, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), thanks her and compliments her to Mick, but Mick still refuses to talk to her. Patel keeps tight-lipped about his role in the film.

Himesh, who played Tamwar Masood in the BBC soap from 2007 until 2016, most recently starred in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Himesh Patel spent nine years on Albert Square portraying Tamwar Masood before exiting EastEnders in 2016. [3] Nancy is described as a stubborn and fiery 21-year-old tomboy that is a disappointment to her mother. Heritage opined that Nancy was "leaving far too soon" as since arriving in 2014, she had "been such a force of nature", adding, "She's been funny and sweet and boisterous and—since the biggest subplot of the soap’s entire Christmas period was given to her decision to wear a dress to a wedding—it seemed as if EastEnders had much bigger plans for her. She threatens Dean to stay away from her family. Maddy stated "When I first found out that Nancy had epilepsy, I was absolutely terrified, just because I knew nothing about the illness.

EastEnders: All I Want for Christmas Is... Madonna/Sir Ian McKellen/Danny Boyle/Lily James/Himesh Patel/Sheryl Crow, Eastenders: Backstage with Zoe Ball & Joe Swash. "[11] Both characters made their last appearances on 22 April 2016. Nancy continues to see Wayne in Walford. Ever since his on-screen debut playing speccy, unassuming Tamwar Masood – dressed in a top buttoned shirt and dated (even then) rectangular frames – in BBC soap, EastEnders, Himesh Patel has been hammering the roles. During a wedding reception at The Queen Vic, Nancy is taken hostage by Dean in the barrel store, as he tries to burn down the pub as revenge against the Carters. Her suspicions worsen when a body is found matching Dean's description, and she nearly tells Shirley, although it is not Dean. ​“I won’t say anything specifically about my role, but viewers can expect the scale and innovation we’ve come to expect from Christopher Nolan.” It’s set to be massive — the director’s back catalogue includes Hollywood heavyweights The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2010) and Dunkirk (2017), while the budget for Tenet came in at a staggering £200million. He starts seeing Afia again and meets her father Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) who approves of him.

Dexter follows Nancy when she goes down in to The Queen Vic cellar to change the barrel, she is impressed when he removes his T-shirt and are interrupted before they start having sex when they hear groaning—Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) is on the floor of the pub's alleyway after being mugged. In 2019, he starred in Yesterday alongside Lily James and Ed Sheeran. [6] Khali Best, who plays Dexter Hartman, has stated that he has "got a lot of stuff coming up with Nancy", opining that the two characters "would work well", however Hill has played this down saying, "I've been asking Dom [Treadwell-Collins] to tell me what is going to happen, but he won't say anything". She also won the accolade for "Best Newcomer" at The National Television Awards 2015 for her role as Nancy. The pair reconcile, but their marriage is put under strain by the long hours at the restaurant, and Zainab's interference in their affairs. But through no choice of his own, the actor has been taking a well-deserved break in the wake of Covid-19. Wayne is instantly disliked by her father Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) who carries the intended bride over his shoulder to their family-owned pub, The Queen Victoria where Nancy will live. Next month, the actor goes back to the blockbusters, appearing in Christopher Nolan’s spy super film, Tenet, alongside John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. She is upset when Johnny leaves, but distracted by family issues as Mick attacks Dean, seemingly out of the blue, on Christmas Day 2014, and then leaves Nancy in charge as he takes some time away with Linda. 0% Spam. Patel thinks real change is coming for his fellow actors: ​“I believe there is a power that we have as entertainers that we can represent our society in the stories that we tell. [19] In the episode broadcast in the UK on 14 February 2014, Nancy wore part of a Gaelic Athletic Association sports kit from St Patrick's College in Ballymena, and it gained some media attention.

It was announced that Maddy Hill would be leaving the show, with Nancy making her final appearance alongside Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) on 22 April 2016. ​“I needed a bit of time just to reset, but it’s been a lot stranger than I could have ever anticipated,” the 29-year-old says from his London home. It was suggested that the average proportion of visible minority faces on EastEnders was substantially lower than the actual ethnic minority population in East London boroughs, and it therefore reflected the East End in the 1960s, not the East End of the 2000s.