There's a sale on the roasts…. thank you for this recipe! Hmm…might this recipe work with pork belly? thank you so much. The hot kind. You need to watch the liquid as it evaporated a lot, something I didn’t find with the pork. I was pregnant at the time and protein-rich foods were ten times as delicious as they normally were … Funny you should mention finding carnitas late in life – out of no where I seem to have developed an obsession with Latin American food, and I haven’t been preggers in over two decades, so I don’t think I get to use that as an excuse. Amazing recipe. Looks delicious. Perfect. Sorry for the tease! I discovered this recipe on Homesick Texan a few years ago. My wife was even joking the entire time that we were just having boiled pork for dinner. i don’t have too much experience with pork but i found this a good beginner recipe. k — Won’t matter either way. They were my first foray into the wonderful world of carnitas. The book, by the way, is fantastic. The recipe, as written, is brilliant. and queso blacno. I find myself without tex-mex and mexican food. Thank you! I love your idea of “research” . I use pork shoulder, salt, pepper, garlic, oil and some vegetable (celery or onion, in small quantity, will do). I bought carnitas from the corner store (living in seaside, california means there are awesome taquerias everywhere!) Looks amazing! I made your carnitas over the weekend…so good! The meat was amazing – tender and crispy. I can not, NOT read your blog at 5PM. I also found that I ended up with a very savory gravy, but not enough fat to crisp anything up. Love your Blog! Thank you for sharing. this was delicious! It takes an inordinate amount of time to carve out all the fat, and removes about a 1/3 of the meat. We usually don’t eat pork but I did make these, they were amazing! If there’s no pig fat, then lard is used. This is the first time I see them cross referenced. Those that haven't tried them before are in for a treat. I made this with the sunset slaw from Deb’s second cookbook, pickled onions, and avocado. blog. Any possibility of you adapting this recipe for the Instant Pot? I made these yesterday and they turned out really well! When pork has browned on both sides, it’s ready. I don’t think they’re meant for everyday consumption but man oh man, they make one amazing breakfast. When needed, they get thawed, frizzled and browned – crisp on the outside, tender inside, and served on tortillas with lime, scallion, cilantro, and avocado. :) Keep up the good work please. The slaw also looks really good. Yours is the best I have ever seen. Those look and sound delicious. Highly, highly recommended. I’ve made these twice in the last week, and both times the results were wonderful, but the road there…not so much. Finally got around to making this recipe, and so glad I did! I wouldn’t call his hair a mop at all- I would call it a head full of ringlets! Hi, I’ve not commented yet on your blog–I don’t think, hmmm . We ended up with lots of little crunchy bits, though, so it worked out in the end. :), Hi! I am going butt shopping tomorrow. I am so intrigued by this cooking method! I need to learn how to make those. Wish me luck! The sauce is made by soaking New Mex red chiles, then making a puree of them in the blender with other spices. Jeff–Would that be the Michoaca region or is there another one that does that? I just tried this and I followed the recipe exactly. Find recipes for your diet. Question though- what are your thoughts on putting the shoulder in a brine overnight? My college-age kids expect some for freezer supply every time I go visit them in College Station! Thanks for the recipes. with this method though it will be shredded pork. I don’t get off work for another seven hours, and not only do I want to be braising pork right now, but I could real use some whiskey in my coffee! What a difference! Yum! After 2 hours, turn heat up to medium high, and continue to cook until all the liquid has evaporated and the pork fat has rendered (about 45 minutes). I bought 3.5 lbs of pork shoulder for a group of 6, hoping to have plenty of leftovers. I’m going the crockpot route. The Le Creuset will soak for probably about a week, but it’s so worth it. I’m so going to try this. thanks SO much! Just made these for dinner tonight. OMG. . Just wanted to say that this is the BEST!! I can’t turn on the stove for two hours it would break havoc on my light bill…electricity ain’t cheap in Puerto Rico :(, I love LOVE this recipe and have made it many times. Doubled the spices and juices and apparently added way too much water and had to suck about a quart out with the turkey baster after almost 3 hours simmering. I make mine in a slow cooker. Set it & forget it easy!! Would love to make these for the Super Bowl. My husband just made this using lamb instead of pork (lamb was in the freezer already; pork was not). my poor daughter has to mail this to us every year along with cajan power sauce.thanx again. That should remove remaining grease and most stains. Made this for dinner for by boyfriend and I. I had to add some fat to it to brown it. The meat wasn’t burnt and I was careful with the heat… Anyone else have this problem? You write wonderfully about great food and I enjoy reading your blog regularly. It’s a simple recipe and doesn’t take much work at all. I mirrored the recipe except for the cooking time which is significantly shorter – I’d say 1 hour, start to finish. I love carnitas, my favorite taco filling, and finally got to make it myself last year for my Texan husband (he loved them :). Huh – I always thought you needed lard to fry the braised meat, so I’ve never gotten around to it. I know, such a tease! Put in a ~110-130 degree oven for … well, nearly forever. Once everyone had eaten their fill, the yummy caramelized bits were all gone, but I've been re-heating the leftovers on my flatmate's cast-iron griddle to make it crisp on the outside. Must try out this method – thanks!