” the rime of saliva on the grizzled chops”. “Snow half-caked the lattice and she opened it to look into the garden.”(ST – ), “Uno strato di neve compatto copriva i vetri a losanghe impedendo quasi completamente la visuale, così lei aprì la finestra per guardare il giardino.” (TT 284-285). Fear is usually of disaster, death or being eaten by ugly, fearful, supernatural beings and monsters. But what are women's strengths? Did he fake crazy to get out of military service? "Wolves are those in the scene whether it be in the music or film industry who are operating by Satan and preying on souls". Freddie Mercury considered "We Are The Champions" his version of "My Way." Some examples of clarification are listed below: “She knew the worst wolves are hairy on the inside”, “Lei sapeva che i lupi peggiori sono quelli che nascondono il pelo sotto i vestiti ” (TT – ). The anthology contains ten stories which share the common theme of being closely based upon fairytales and folktales. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) As Berman intends it, rationalization is the technique which mainly affects syntactic structures including punctuation, sentence structure and order. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Obviously in a translation, the sentence structures and punctuation change because of the aim to be acceptable to the target audience. In the traditional tale, Red sticks to “the path,” but needs to be rescued from the threatening wolf by a hunter or “woodsman.” Carter retells the story with a modern perspective on women.

It is a deeply symbolic movie with some really creepy and disturbing images. MTV, a popular TV theme song and Madonna all show up in this '80s music quiz.

In the sentence above, it was necessary to clarify who the pronoun he is referring to, giving a sense to the sentence and avoiding misunderstandings.

the last half is dark, full of uncertainty and fear like the thoughts of if they would be accepted or if they would fizzle into obscurity. document.write('
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A detailed explanation on the translation techniques which has been applied to the text will then follow, highlighting difficulties that have been found and explaining why solutions that have been found have been seen as the most appropriate ones. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Some other changes have been made, and some examples of lack of equivalents in the target language are quoted below: “il tempo che la stava consumando” (TT -219).

In this example, the translation is faithful to the meaning, and makes explicit that the worst wolves are the men, whose pelt is not visible, and for this reason I chose to convey the meaning through the use of the verb to hide and the name vestiti, that are directly associated with humans instead of animals. I used to be blind and sing to this song like it was any other song and then God opened my eyes and showed me the true meaning. Certainly, this text could have been translated in a more elegant and natural Italian style, but because of the aim to be as faithful as possible to the source text, I think that an ennoblement would have meant a loss in the variety of images that are represented in the source text; moreover, some figures of speech would have been lost, such as alliterations, metaphors, synestesia, oxymoron, and Angela Carter’s poetic way of writing would have suffer the lack of repetition of words and of tenses’ structure. Your interpretation.... although perhaps you know the real interpretation and are either protecting them or those involved....or perhaps you just don't know the truth. Company Registration No: 4964706. Looking for a flexible role? All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. 4th May 2017 A literal translation, such as la brina della saliva sulle ganasce brizzolate would not have conveyed the image and moreover it would have sound unnatural and incomprehensible for the target audience. The translation is based on the aim of being as adherent as possible to Angela Carter’s new way of writing stories and appreciating her accurate way of merging words together, of creating images through metaphors and similes, of changing points of views alternating present and past tenses, I’ve tried to respect her choices, using a refined language to express images and respecting the provocative combination of words of the source text. The narrator explains that wolves are ruthless creatures who live to terrorize and kill those less strong.