Expect to spend a lot of time just reading the prompt. Back to top. Copyright © 2020. Very time consuming! All Rights Reserved.LSUS is an Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer.Louisiana State University Shreveport, One University Place, Shreveport, LA 71115 (800) 229-5957 (318) 797-5000. This class was amazing, you will learn by a firehose but you will learn! Dean of Graduate Studies & Professor. There is a quiz every week which is difficult and 2 papers that are due. 3 application assignments & 3 case studies. Way too much. <>>> There is nothing posted on moodle. Information overload and more demanding expectations than seemed necessary. There is a lot of writing and research required along with weekly exams and forum assignments. I appreciated the demand. The Impact of Seating Location and Seating Type on Student Performance. This is NOT an easy class, but a lot of practical information. Dr. Karen James is hands down my favorite professor I've ever had at any school. There is a lot of work but it is not difficult. x��Z�o����O�U�Z~Jbq84ɦ��]�A�����vu�X��ۿ�3CI#QV�קbC+ ���o>I��}�ݻ۫����=�|�x����_�[�����\Ċ�$c"6���gO��ɀ�;�D&5�NҘ��xl5JlU Dr. Karen E. James, Joe and Abby Averett Professor of Business Professor of Marketing and Department ChairManagement and Marketing Department LSU-Shreveport 1 University Place Shreveport, LA 71115 Phone: (318) 797-5024 (direct) Phone: (318) 797-5017 (secretary) FAX: (318) 797-5127 Posted by Sanjay Menon at 10:00 AM No comments: Budget Cuts/Writing to Faculty/Sanjay Menon. I will take it solo either way but the Fall AP1 has the Instructor: tba ... LSUS Online MBA Reviews Posted by MBAStudent on 4/6/17 at 6:08 pm to wolfpack714. Overall, great proffess. Suite 400 Dr. James is a great teacher, she responds to emails, has office hours, and does sincerely seem to care about the students and their learning. Dr. Karen James is Chair of the Department. Meeks, M. D., Williams, F., Knotts, T. L., & James K. E. (2013). Clow, K. E., James, K. E. , Stanley, S., & Montgomery, C. (2008). ; Enter your Student ID and Pin so that you actually log-in to myLSUS. Clow, K. E., James, K. E. , Sisk, S. E. , & Cole, H. S. (2011). Great new professor at LSUS! Education Sciences, 3. Online Undergraduate ProgramsBachelor of Science in Management and AdministrationBachelor of Science in Management and Administration with Human Resource Management ConcentrationBachelor of Science in Management and Administraton with International Business ConcentrationBachelor of Science in MarketingBachlor of Science in Marketing with International Business Concentration, Copyright © 2020. tons and tons of reading, 1 giant project split into 2 big parts, weekly tests, occassional discussion forum. Dr. Karen E. James is a former recipient of the LSUS "Outstanding Faculty Award in Teaching," the School of Business "Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching," and the "SGA Outstanding Faculty Award". nothing excruciating - just very time consuming. Paper projects require a lot of research and prep time. Burke, L. A., James, K. E. , & Ahmadi, M. (2009). MKT 701 is a difficult course, if you have to take it, I highly recommend Dr. James. Provide URL where image can be downloaded. Course was worthy of it's master level status. Louisiana State University Shreveport. If you do the work it is an easy A. Weekly readings are about 30 pgs, add'l vids of around 30 mins. endobj Dr. James' has consulted in health care marketing and focus group moderation, and is the faculty advisor to the LSUS Bass Team. I took this class as an elective and glad I did. However, I can PROMISE you that if you do, she will dig right in with you, offer incredible feedback, ask questions to prompt and guide additional thought, and you'll come out the other side with a true understanding of the concepts of Marketing and a confidence and "ah-ha" that will prepare you for the real world. Mailing Address: I so appreciate all that she has taught me. Sent: Tuesday, May … Note: must be in .png, .gif or .jpg format. Reading assignments are doable, but can be a little long. !�Po�5UZ���0#��5f��Fg�r:����da�n�m�A|dq"|�A�(@;���& Ӷ�� ��4�i8��#̓�9r=��� �9���H_@j�?�F. Dr. James provides tones of information, materials, and her own personal time to assist students through the course. I do not recommend this professor. Dr. James is very accessible and involved. Grading very reasonable, however. The reading can be cumbersome at times, especially during the weeks when the project/papers are due. All of that said, I learned a ton in her class. I have heard that this course under Karen James was the hardest course in the program with an excessive workload. An Examination of the Visual Element Used in Generic Message Advertisements: A Comparison of Goods and Services. These concentrations offer diverse applications of marketng concepts in both people-oriented and quantitative careers. Dr. Karen E. James is a Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department of Management and Marketing at Louisiana State University Shreveport, and is the recipient of the Joe and Abby Averett Professorship in Business. Her instructions are long winded which makes navigating the class pretty confusing. If youre planning on just getting an easy A you shouldnt be in grad school in general. Get ready to write and read a difficult to read textbook. MADM 701 - Kenneth Kungu MKT 701 - Karen James. Clow, K. E., James, K. E. , & Stanley, S. (2008). Also, she offers a ton of extra credit. No in-depth learning. Seems most people are getting As as long as you apply yourself. She is the co-author of the volume III and IVa versions of the Marketing Scales Handbook, A Compilation of Multi-Item Measures, with Dr. Gordon C. Bruner of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and Dr. Paul Hensel of the University of New Orleans. Deep vs. BE 301A 318-797-5024 karen.james@lsus.edu. <> Dr. Karen James is hands down my favorite professor I've ever had at any school. All Rights Reserved.LSUS is an Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer.Louisiana State University Shreveport, One University Place, Shreveport, LA 71115 (800) 229-5957 (318) 797-5000. Dr. James earned both her D.B.A. Great Class Ovrl. Replies (1) Options Top. Current teaching assignments include MKT 312, Integrated Marketing Communications; MKT 445, Marketing Research; MKT 305, Creative Small Business Advertising and MKT 701, Marketing Strategy. MKT 701 is very demanding at LSUS. <> As a caveat, this was my first class in my MBA program after 26 years after attaining my undergraduate degree. For instance; part 2 of the project has 18 pages of rubric material. Burke, L. A. These concentrations offer diverse applications of marketng concepts in both people-oriented and quantitative careers. It's doable but it's a lot. 38��!k0J�q�@^(���%�.渊���>�����7���D��yqp�У+���)���]���z�1[��ݗ����Q� G.yj&~�!�n@�cF�-�o+bF��N:�c�K;3�@����t�"=�R 1 �$� ��ه��!3� ��� �d 4(Mx�a���)ƌ ?��@0��, ;��F5va��/l/[��\r�o�l�^́R�3��m( r� �@���&ws�0�x��!�h�cV4�| She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University in Mass Communication after completing a double major in Public Relations and Radio and Television Production. To find an advisor at LSUS, you must follow these simple steps: Go to the myLSUS log-in page. Detailed powerpoint helps with test. The two project papers were a lot! 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Effectiveness of PowerPoint-Based Lectures Across Different Business Disciplines: An Investigation and Implications. Professor Management/Marketing School of Business kjames@lsus.edu Professional Interests Research Interests Advertising visual strategies, marketing education, scales Teaching Interests Sales, advertising, integrated marketing communications, marketing research Academic Background What Makes a Research Star? What factors influence peer ratings of faculty research performance? 7 tests plus final exam. Source Credibility, Visual Strategy and the Model in Print Advertisements. Highly recommend! MKT 701 is a difficult course, if you have to take it, I highly recommend Dr. James. Dr. James also developed and taught courses in Sales, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I would take any of her classes again, though I cannot say I would want that type of stress in my life again! Louisiana State University Shreveport. Prompts are super long but tell you exactly what she wants. stream �E����q�|�(Ȯ$��{0ް^4n�7�oO�ϵD Royal Oak, MI 48067, By clicking this button,you agree to the terms of use. Minsun Kim is a professor in the Marketing department at Louisiana State University Shreveport - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. She teaches students to think critically. Loved Dr. James. She is always available to help & makes the class fun with videos. It's an unnecessarily excess amount of work, and the quizzes are designed to critically evaluate your logic (in a marketing class). Duplicative writing assignments complicated the Turnitin process.