Filling out the Loss or Damage AT Delivery Form lets the moving company know that some of your items were missing or damaged during the delivery process. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Germans average 25.7 hours per week working, one of the shortest work weeks in the world. Watched the Unorthodox Netflix series and wonder how accurately it describes life living in Berlin, Germany? Germany is a beautiful country with a Rich cultural heritage and the people here are honest and straight forward, thanks for sharing the travel tips which are of great help to travellers and save them from getting into awkward situations. that may be needed when you file your voucher at the end. This will ensure that nothing gets left behind and if you see any damage to the residence you can annotate that on the forms provided. Finally, you have a couple of options during the delivery phase about what items you want the delivery crew to unpack. Discover the truths from expats. Germany experiences a moderate climate, with no extreme temperatures hot or cold, though weather has been known to change quite quickly at times (hot to cold and vice versa). If you submitted a Loss/Damage Report within the 75 day or within the 180 day window, you will have up to 9 months to file a claim for the full replacement value of the item you are claiming. Use this tool to know which visa you need. The last and final action item you can expect from the move experience is a survey. But you will not be reimbursed for FICA tax. Pro-Tip: Set up a system to organize your receipts during your move, like an accordion file with a folder for each type. Any amount over that limit will come out of pocket. HOT LINKS: Sign in to DPS or create a new account to schedule a move, submit a customer satisfaction survey, or file a loss and damage claim. Your BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is affected, Your family won't automatically have the right to live with you in your new location. On packing day, the moving company sends a team of packers to your home and puts all your items into boxes, usually as fast as possible. Choose wisely. Sometimes, your command may authorize a House Hunting Trip (HHT). When you arrive, expect a few in-processing steps. Pro-Tip: If you're traveling with pets, you can check out pet-friendly hotels on the Web at You may be required to do a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Risk Assessment before you start your en route travel. This goes for any damage that may have occurred to the residence. Learn German online free with these handpicked resources from Youtube, Podcasts, E-books, free language learning apps to Netflix shows. Moving to Germany Guides and Savvy Tips. While we hope all of your items arrived in one piece, the reality is that isn't always the case. ). To help you understand your allowances and responsibilities review the “IT’S YOUR MOVE” Defense Transportation Regulations. Reimbursed for dependent travel and housing expenses, so keep detailed records! Contact your military claims office if you have questions. The https:// means all transmitted data is encrypted — in other words, any information or browsing history that you provide is transmitted securely. We're an adventure travel couple from South Africa, currently loving life as expats in Berlin, Germany. 12 tips to boost your chances of successfully renting a house, flat or apartment in Germany. German food. Real people are your best resource when moving overseas -- and in-processing is the time to meet them. Let the administration section know if there is an error so it can be corrected as soon as possible. A team of packers will load just about anything and everything that they can fit into boxes, which means there's a risk that important items may get packed up unintentionally. Your move process begins with assignment notification, through email, a phone call, or notification from a supervisor. After that, follow the instructions in the "Create a Shipment" or "Create a PPM Shipment” tutorial. If you’re traveling OCONUS, coordinate with your Sponsor, or new teammate to meet you at the airport. If you disagree with their assessment, make sure you annotate that on the inventory sheet! The packers are supposed to call ahead of time to inform you they will be coming out on certain dates and within a specified time period. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on a .gov or .mil site by inspecting your browser’s address (or “location”) bar. ). Once you have your orders, you can log in to the Defense Personal Property System to schedule your move. Your packing day and moving dates are not the same thing. Abandoned Spy Station. If you ask them to come back to take your empty boxes and they agree to do it, then that’s great! While each experience will be different, below we discuss what a typical move could look like. Please visit or contact your local personal property office if you have any further weight allowance questions. Moving with family? You’ll be required to sign and comply with the terms of a service agreement to obtain the authorized allowances. This form must be done within 75 days (applicable to household good shipments picked up prior to May 15, 2020) or within 180 days (applicable to household goods shipments picked up May 15, 2020 and after) of your delivery date. How should I pack? Pro-Tip: Enlist your family or your Sponsor for help during this phase. For our moving to Berlin guide, this is one of the most important things to do as anyone from outside of the EU needs a visa to live and work in Germany. When moving, most, but not all of your entitlements, are subject to taxation. If not, those items need to be annotated on the inventory sheet before you sign off. A sheet of paper with your new base address, shuttles, rental car information (since you may not have cell service right away). ), make sure it has the correct duty station, dependent information, and reporting dates. When you login to the system, you can expect to see two paths - Lost/Damage Report and Claims Submission. During your travel you'll be given per diem. The delivery crew should put down some type of material (plastic, fabric, etc.) The good about living in Germany. Please visit or contact your, POV shipments are virtually the same as for the military. Where do you want these boxes to go in your new place? A full unpack: Movers empty the boxes of all their contents into the specified rooms. Hands down, the best thing about living in Germany is the food. A partial unpack: Movers only open boxes in select areas.