The models listed below are the most popularly searched cars on the site. Indeed, over 90 per cent of new cars bought privately in 2018/19 were financed in some way.

Concluded. Helping you to find the right car loan to suit your budget and circumstances. There's no obvious way to find out if a car you're looking at has been repossessed, but if you carry out an HPI Check, it will tell you if the car you're looking at has any outstanding finance against it. If somebody is struggling to keep up repayments on a car, then they are likely to find it difficult to keep the car maintained.

If this is the case, the paperwork of the agreement should have information on what to do if you can't keep up repayments. You should get in touch with the finance provider, rather than the dealer where you bought the car, as they will have more knowledge and ability to arrange what happens next if you can't keep up your repayments.  15/10/2020     Visit our site today for more information. There's no obvious way to find out if a car … If the worst does happen and your car is repossessed, that might not be the end of the situation, as the finance company may want to try and recoup any outstanding interest that the value of the car may not cover. All Rights Reserved, *Examples below are based on a 60mth repayment plan at 7.0% representative, Used Ford Fiesta, Used Ford Focus, Used Vauxhall Corsa, Used Vauxhall Astra, Used Volkswagen Golf, Used Nissan Qashqai, Used Volkswagen Polo, Used Mercedes Benz C Class, Used Vauxhall Mokka, Used Nissan Juke, Used Audi A3, Used BMW 3 Series, Used Fiat 500, Used Mercedes Benz A Class, Used BMW 1 Series, Used Ford Kuga, Used MINI Hatch, Used Renault Clio, Used Audi A1, Used Kia Sportage, Caught in the classifieds: 2008 Alfa Romeo Brera JTDM, The 2020 Fiat Panda is a stylish city car to buy and run.