Jane Doe’s case has never been solved and is one that haunts the original and current investigators, but as long as her case stays in the light, as her nickname given by the police suggests, there will always be “Hope.”, Is there crime scene photos of his known victims? Can’t they just use DNA and do a DNA snapshot?? In 1985, Vernon relocated to Enright Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri, living under the false name, Thomas Turner, where he was living with his wife and stepchildren. ( Log Out /  The light illuminated the body of a young decapitated girl. This hindered the investigation because dental examinations couldn’t be provided nor a facial reconstruction through forensic technology programming. Could this headless Jane doe be missing Toya Hill From Baltimore? In April 28, 2001, the body of a black girl three to five years old was found decapitated in Kansas City. With the help of willful volunteers and other various resources, Jane Doe’s remains were unearthed and transported to the St. Louis Medical Examiner’s Office where researchers from the Smithsonian Institution and University of North Texas recalibrated bone sampling and minerals (stable isotope analysis) to attempt to narrow down her native origins based on the water she had drank. That’s when nine-year-old Janet Perkins, a bright young student at Cole Elementary School, was walking to her home a few blocks away, excited for the weekend. They made a gruesome discovery, the body of a young black girl. They conducted ran ads in every African American newspaper and magazine in the country, corresponded with every state police agency, and did a full anthropology exam and isotope analysis, which was completed by the NCMEC and the Smithsonian Institute. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Height When exhumed in 2013, authorities had to use videotape recordings from the 1983 funeral because of the terrible condition it was in. Her hands were bound behind her back with red and white nylon rope. Strangulation. Then in 2013, homicide detectives exhumed the body to gather any type of scientific evidence that could now be tested. Just a thought. The investigators scoured a list of all children at the surrounding schools but everyone was accounted for. When the authorities approached psychics, one said her head would be on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Her stomach was also found to have been empty. Since then, authorities searched high and low for every lead possible. 37 years Overall, the list of suspects was unfortunately very short. in north St. Louis, Missouri, funded by the nonprofit organization, “Garden of Innocents,” where the plot of land is regularly maintained. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In 1996, the original homicide detective Herb Riley passed away and Jane Doe’s case was one of two cases he never solved during his tenure with the police department. Her head had been decapitated and mold was growing on her neck. She had been killed elsewhere and brought to the vacant building after her death due to the lack of blood on the scene. Although questioned extensively, Brown never confessed to any other murder besides the one he was convicted for. If you have a tip on the Little Jane Doe case or any other cold case you can call the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide unit. The description they do have are very similar to her. Now the newly formed St. Louis City Cold Case Unit has a room devoted just to the case of Little Jane Doe. Though he was considered the prime suspect in the case, there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with the crime. She was later found raped and strangled in a vacant residence that was owned by Vernon’s grandmother. Black 4'10 - 5'6 One of the individuals pulled out his lighter to light his cigarette and … Due to the lack of blood at the scene, police concluded that she had been killed elsewhere. All the psychic claims led to dead-ends or were disproven. A connection was ruled out when she was identified as Erica Green in May 5, 2005. However, many believe it to be the work of Vernon Brown. She was lying on her stomach with her hands tied behind her back with red and white nylon rope. He was executed on May 18, 2005. However, detectives believe he could be involved with at least twenty unsolved homicide cases but they don’t have enough tangible evidence to conclusively prove their stance. The victim, Erline Pierce, was like a mother in her neighborhood. Two men discovered the victim's body in the furnace room in the basement of a vacant apartment building on Clemens Avenue in St. Louis. ST. LOUIS – St. Louis homicide detectives believe there are witnesses to a July 2019 murder but no one has done the right thing and come forward with information. His stepchildren saw her come inside and he ordered them into their bedrooms and locked their doors from the outside. Aubuchon said they haven’t gotten a worthwhile tip in this case in 10 to 15 years, but now is the time for detectives, the department and St. Louis to name Little Jane Doe and her killer. He dropped out of high school and in 1973 he was convicted of molesting a twelve-year-old girl and subsequently spent four years in an Indiana prison. The testing revealed she had spent most of her life in one of the numerous southeastern states including Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, and North or South Carolina. The authorities suspected a family member may be involved due to no reports of a child being reported missing, but considering they were unable to determine where she was from, that theory was hard to substantiate. The St. Louis Jane Doe of 1983. Detectives worked tirelessly on the case. For nine months she lay frozen. She was found wearing just a yellow V-neck sweater. Postmortem interval His last words were, “You’ll see me again. Her body was dumped in the abandoned basement and found about five days later. When one of them pulled out a lighter to light his cigarette, the light showed them the body. She had been sexually assaulted, strangled, then decapitated with a large-bladed knife after her death. This task proved difficult because the cemetery she had been buried in was unkempt, appeared long forgotten, her grave was unmarked, and many people were displaced because of insufficient care with the burial records. They did find some traces of blood on the side of the walls leading to the basement that indicated she had been carried and her body brushed against it during the process. Which makes him believe she was well cared for. Brown never confessed to her or anyone else’s murder. They traveled all over the country following up on leads. St. Louis Jane Doe was a young girl or preteen who was found murdered inside of an abandoned house in St. Louis, Missouri. Unidentified for I know they probably thought of this, but did they compare the knots if this Jane Doe with the knots he made on his other victims? Brown was a serial killer who was convicted for the October 24, 1986 murder of nine-year-old Janet Perkins and the March 7, 1985 murder of nineteen-year-old Synetta Ford.