If you are gracious, you have won the game.” — Stevie Nicks “I have my own life. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”. Like.

― Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks.

“When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. I think he would have been happy to have had a relationship. And that’s magic.” — Stevie Nicks “Singing is the love of my life, but I was ready to give it all up because I couldn’t handle people talking about how fat I was.” — Stevie Nicks “I’m not a witch, I just like Halloween, and I thought that blondes look skinnier in black.”– Stevie Nicks Song Quotes It isn’t how old you are, how young you are, how beautiful you are, or how short your skirt is.
94 wallpapers “I have no fear, I have only love.” — Stevie Nicks “Your graciousness is what carries you. Stevie Nicks "Sara Relationship Happy Think Just. Stevie Nicks Quotes.

Drownin', in the sea of love Where everyone would love to drown. When you're in a band with three writers, three great writers, you only get one third of the writer thing.

So that's the whole reason that I did a solo career. What it is, is what comes out of your heart.

Prince and I were just friends.