Always wears earmuffs and a scarf, and always shivering and sneezing — sometimes because he has a cold and sometimes due to severe allergies. Like Complimentary Smurf, he is mentioned, but not actually seen, in the first live-action movie — though he does appear in the sequel. The name is most likely a joke on the naming conventions of Smurfs. He appears only in the comic books. Doesn't see a lot of work because only a few Smurfs actually have hair, but when he does work, he does so with great enthusiasm, chatting and singing to his customers in a vague Italian accent. He appears only in the comic books, while his role in the cartoon show was played in one episode by Hefty. | He appears only in the comic books. Appeared only in the cartoon show. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from The leader and father figure of the Smurfs. Filming & Production May or may not be the same character as Panicky Smurf from the live-action movie. In the movie he confesses to the green M&M plushie that he uses his grouchiness to hide his true feelings.

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Over time, though, his. He appears only in the comic books. After watching humans, he introduces gambling to the village and becomes a compulsive gambler. He ends up getting Smurfette's favor from time on time, much to the other Smurfs's puzzlement. The one time he did catch something (a baby octopus) he went through considerable trouble in order to get it back to its mother. The time he passes educating Wild Smurf and showing genuine care. Appears only in the Animated Adaptation.

An expert woodsman and tracker, with a highly-developed sense of smell. Appears in the comic books and live-action movie, while the Animated Adaptation merges this character with Greedy's. A Smurf who, after learning about money from watching humans, tried to introduce currency among his peers, and for a while worked as their banker, before the system was abandoned. A laid-back and relaxed Smurf, most likely to be found leaning against something with his hands in his pockets, or just off calmly doing his own thing while the others are running around. Mostly a food freak, but also the village chef in the cartoon show. Appears only in the Animated Adaptation, since this role is taken by Drummer Smurf in "The Reporter Smurf".

He briefly appears in two albums, and also appears in the French version of the The Smurfs and the Magic Flute Animated Adaptation, though the United States English dub changes him with Actor Smurf (see Timid Smurf, below).

A Smurf who rides around on a unicycle. A page for describing Characters: Smurfs The 100 Smurfs. Reporter, writer and editor of the village newspaper, always after the latest "sensational" news.