Paragraph 6 only requires that at least ‘part of the accommodation must be for the exclusive use of the family’. IMPORTANT NOTE: Visa applicants who are not citizens of a majority English speaking country, are required to take and pass the mandatory Secure English language test prior to applying for a UK Family Migration or UK Settlement Visa as a Spouse, Fiancée, proposed civil Partner, husband, wife, civil Partner, or unmarried Partner of a British citizen or UK permanent resident. There is also: Dining Room – 10.58 Sqm Lounge – 18.14 Sqm Conservatory – 5.44 Sqm. A Guide to Parent of a British Child Visa Requirements 2020, A Guide to UK Spouse Visa ILR Requirements for Settlement 2020, Inability to meet the Financial Requirements, Failure to meet the English Language Requirements, Applicant is not a Partner of the UK Sponsor, Inadequate valid evidence of marriage or civil partnership, The previous relationship has not broken down permanently, The Purpose of the Fiancé(e) visa is Doubtful, Presence of an applicant is not conducive to the Public Good, Conduct, Character, Association or Other Reasons, Non-Compliance to attend an Interview or provide Information, The applicant left or removed with a conditional caution, Sponsor’s non-compliance with the Investigation, Use of deception in a Previous Application, Failure to pay litigation costs to the Home Office, Failure to pay an outstanding charge to the NHS, Current partner is not the same as at the last grant of leave, not met the required level of income or cash savings, failed to provide the specified evidence or, not provided the evidence to cover the specified period in terms of, the applicant is not a national of a majority English speaking country listed in paragraph GEN.1.6. On the other hand, we offer a unique £195 DIY Application Pack service where we will provide you with a tailored set of: As part of this service, we also offer general email support. Another common reason for refusal is if the couple in question fail to prove that their relationship is genuine. Indeed, the required documents for meeting the UK spouse visa accommodation requirements depends on the ownership and status of the property. Therefore, if an applicant failed provide that either his/her or his/her UK sponsor’s previous relationship has not broken down permanently then the UK visa refusal reasons relates to E-ECP.2.9. Accordingly, the letter provides the confirmation of the basis on which the applicant and his/her UK partner may reside on the property. Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals. However, the accommodation would have been adequate if: Is it mandatory to prove the size of a family home for a Spouse Visa application for entry clearance? of Appendix FM as an applicant’s spouse, civil partner, fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner, or a person who has been living together with the applicant in a relationship akin to a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years prior to the date of application. In recent times, the Home Office has become more focused on refusing fraudulent applications, with officers trained to detect cases of marriage fraud. (b) or S-LTR.2.2.(b). A local authority has the power to serve an overcrowding notice in relation to an HMO specifying the max number of occupants permitted in a house or preventing any additional residents. Your initial Spouse Visa will be valid for 33 months if you applied from outside the UK and 30 months if you applied from inside the UK. By using this site you understand that there is no solicitor and client relationship between you/your company and the site owners or the firm. The sponsor can also rent accommodation from a local authority or a private landlord. Moreover, in case of a recent marriage, the evidence may include details relating to visiting the spouse/partner’s home country and family. an additional 2 persons for each room in excess of 5. Our lawyers have had many years of experience in this area and will be able to help you understand your options and guide you through the appeal process. If you wish to discuss any of the points raised in this blog, please phone our London office on 0203 959 9123. Reapply for your UK visa only if there is a considerable change in your circumstances. For knowing the prohibited degree of relationship, please refer to. Moreover, also provides a supporting documents checklist of UK spouse visa relating to accommodation in the UK. Spouse Visa: How to meet the adequate accommodation requirement? I AM PRESENTLY LIVING IN (COUNTRY & CITY) (required), MOBILE NO. licensed overcrowding, the child instead of 2 years, was less than 1 year, as the space standard does not take into account a child under the age of one; or. (a) or S-LTR.2.2.(a). 14 August 2019 #Immigration Under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, an applicant must provide evidence that there is adequate accommodation available to them, which the family owns or occupies exclusively, without recourse to public funds. Your case will become a top priority for our lawyers and you will benefit from our highest-quality services. Therefore, if an applicant fails to meet the criteria under GEN.1.2. 3.4 or E-LTRP. Public Health Act, 1875, provides a useful understanding of the subject matter. Although, most of the UK Land Registry documents are verifiable online; however, in order to further the credibility of the claim the applicant may submit the original title deeds. You must meet the accommodation requirement. Migrate is an OISC regulated immigration law firm that specialises in helping partners with their UK visa applications. I am happy to receive promotional emails from the IAS. Situation 1 – Where it is unreasonable to expect a child to leave the UK. A house is regarded as being overcrowded if it fails either of two tests – the room standard and/or the space standard. Your legal advisor will then complete and submit your forms to the Home Office on your behalf. Your email address will not be published.