Heavy metal vegan musicians The world of rock also has plenty of vegan metal musicians who advocate a plant-based diet. This boosts her metabolism and gives the singer enough energy to work out six times a week, even while touring. Well, wonder no more… here’s a list. describes himself as “one of the most awkward people ever when it comes to food because I’m vegan and I can’t eat gluten and a bunch of other stuff.” But in his hometown of Sheffield, his favourite vegan café is Make No Bones, where he orders Kentucky fried tofu. A lot of famous faces use their celebrity status to help campaign for animal rights, using their social media presence and concerts as a platform to spread awareness. Some of the best-known singers today follow a singers diet and many are vegans, and they find the lifestyle really helps fuel their performances. Vegan celebrities are important to give a voice to the importance of plant-based food. She combines a plant-based lifestyle with running to keep fit and healthy. Cyrus often makes the headlines with her vegan campaigns.

As a music fanatic, I decided to make a list of famous musicians who are vegans\vegetarians (either for ethical or dietary purposes), as well as animal rights advocates and environmentalists. In a 2016 interview with AOL, Stevie Wonder explained that he decided to go vegan for environmental and health reasons. He became a vegan roughly five years later, while on tour in Eastern Europe and Japan.

I couldn’t even get a drink at Starbucks unless it was black coffee.”, The American rapper from Wu-Tang Clan uses the band’s music as a way to promote his ethics. And I always travel with plenty of nuts.”, Sia is infamous for concealing her face from her audience. Changing to a plant-based diet can have an amazing restorative effect on the environment, something Wonder is passionate about. So what healthy habits should you be adopting as a singer, and how can you incorporate these into your daily life? Sia is infamous for concealing her face from her audience. He then “got hooked” on the lifestyle – which centres around eating natural foods that are uncooked and unprocessed. "I think that eating healthy is important.". "After having to eat meat in the hospital, I got out and I never wanted to eat anything that came from an animal again," Barker told Vice in 2015. The multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning singer has been vegan since 2013. Some others chose to adopt a green-based diet to avoid any ongoing or future health issues and spare the next generation them, too. 10 Producers You Should Know! This is our thank-you to all of them for being devoted, inspiring and thoughtful of innocent beings in need of our compassion and mercy. In a now-deleted blog post, Mraz wrote about the benefits he's experienced from following a vegan diet, including "feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive.".

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba all follow vegan lifestyles. It wasn't like I missed meat — it wasn't like I had something to miss," Eilish said on a 2018 installment of the YouTube series "Montreality.". Last year, he opened the doors to his own Sheffield-based Vegan bar, Church: Temple of Fun. Lewis has also worked in partnership with the Body Shop and created her own line of cruelty-free beauty products. Registration No: 9582906 Registered Office: Future House, 36 Lumsden Avenue, Southampton SO15 5ELWebsite designed by boxChilli, https://www.openmicuk.co.uk/advice/famous-vegan-musicians-singers/, And in recent years, more and more famous musicians are taking up a vegan diet, , cutting out meat and replacing it with natural, whole food sources, This article counts down through 17 of the most famous vegan singers, and why they made the change, fuel their performances. Kindly, support and donate. Enraged & Invaders: Leave Your Sanity At The Door! This boosts her metabolism and gives the singer enough energy to work out six times a week, even while touring. Also, it makes you feel tired, it makes you feel lethargic, and your body finds it hard to process so much meat all the time.”. In June, the "Juice" singer shared a TikTok video with a few examples of what she eats in a day, including a breakfast smoothie with coconut water, kale or spinach, and frozen fruit. Musicians like Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande have also spoken about being vegan. Mraz tried the raw food diet in support of his bandmate, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was advised to go raw to help his health. Billie Eilish, who grew up vegetarian and has never eaten meat, has said it wasn't hard for her to transition into veganism. In 2008, he stepped up his healthy lifestyle and started an almost entirely raw food diet. "I did full vegan for almost four, five weeks and then I just started incorporating a little bit more proteins and things like that," she explained. This article counts down through 17 of the most famous vegan singers, and why they made the change to veganism.

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His technique was proven successful when he won PETA’s Sexiest Vegan award in 2014. RockEra Magazine © 2015 | All rights reserved. Although much of Sia's personal life is shrouded in mystery, the singer shared in 2014 that she was only eating plant-based. In an interview with Men's Journal, Barker also said that veganism gives him "endless amounts of energy" and that, after starting to follow a vegan lifestyle, he could feel other positive effects of the diet. In a 2015 interview on "The Tonight Show," she explained that she became vegan because of her pet blowfish. Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated.". ” and “I Won’t Give Up” follows a strict vegan diet. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress whose role in the hit Nickelodeon series Victorious led her into a career as a pop star, boasting numerous hits, as well as multi platinum-selling albums. Notably, when Grande tweeted to promote the drink, she encouraged some users to try the soy version — though Starbucks later clarified that there is no vegan alternative to this drink.

PETA IS HORRIBLE. Per some of his Instagram posts and interviews with vegan- and vegetarian-focused publications, Jason Mraz is a public supporter and advocate for a plant-based lifestyle that consists of plenty of fresh foods. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Not only does veganism help protect the planet and the animals on it, but it can also offer major health benefits.

Talking openly about being a vegan musician to animal rights organisation, , RZA explains that he uses his music and status as a. to encourage fans to follow his lead and go vegan.

The New York Times exclusively revealed that Beyoncé isn’t actually a vegan.

There are also lots of examples of vegan rappers, vegetarian singers, and other vegan music artists in our long list below. "And one day I went to a sushi restaurant with a few of my friends and they were serving blowfish and I thought, 'You know.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Madonna’s personal trainer revealed that the star eats six small meals a day, consisting of grains, protein bars and fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t even get a drink at Starbucks unless it was black coffee.”.

"I'm trying to be a full vegan," she told the publication. The band’s latest album “A Better Tomorrow” showcases RZA’s hope for the world to become a better place. Goldfinger’s frontman, John Feldmann, became a vegetarian after watching the film Babe in 1995.

The acclaimed singer has healthy smoothies packed with vegetables for breakfast, adding vegan protein powder to fuel her workouts and, energy for the day.

The life of a musician is often busy and itinerant, meaning you can neglect your health and wellbeing at times. I make an incredible vegan shake.” Feldmann is a vocal activist for animal rights and often hands out animal rights material at his Goldfinger shows.

Read on to see wh. *Special thanks goes to Francesco Sosto of The Foreshadowing and Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet. replacements like sweet potato, tofu, and raw vegetables. In 2013, she tweeted that she was no longer eating any meat-based products and would be 100% vegan.

As well as clean eating, Grande also has a personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. He said the diet has helped him, and he feels like he has "12-year-old knees again.". The pop singer has been a vegetarian since the age of 12 and is an outspoken advocate of animal rights.