SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford told the Commons: "We know we're at a tipping point, so today must be a turning point.

there could be a city-wide ban on social mixing between households but pubs and restaurants kept open when new measures come in from Wednesday afternoon. Kerry McCarthy, Labour's MP for Bristol West, tells the Prime Minister about one of her constituents who has lost two out of three triplets, but was still not allowed to bring her partner to the scan. Speaking in the Commons, Boris Johnson says the Government is taking the best approach that will save lives and protect the NHS while keeping children in schools and the economy running. Then Clive Efford, Labour's MP for Eltham, picks up on Track and Trace again, criticising the Government for putting money in the pockets of outsourcers. He adds that he does have "high hopes" of the new technologies, but "for the time being we have to concentrate on the tools we have at hand", which includes restrictions and social distancing. Jonathan Van-Tam then turns to another chart, showing the infection rate was highest in the 16-29 year olds, but there is an "incremental creep" up the age bands. Three-tier lockdown map: What tier is my area in following Boris Johnson's announcement? "This represents an injection of nearly half a million laptops and tablets for those most in need.

The Prime Minister says it will be reviewed on a regular basis. "Did he know what he was signing? All local authorities with lookup. The Liverpool City Region will be in the ‘very high’ level from Wednesday. He told LBC he believes a  "deal can be done" and "it's in the national interest to have a deal". Boris Johnson says the measures must evolve to the task, but the objective remains the same.

Instead the approach had been that "Whitehall knows best, we will tell you what is coming your way," he told LBC. The Chief Medical Officer Prof Chris Whitty will also be on hand to explain the rationale for the new measures. f he didnt' - well, that's just new levels of incompetence," he said. Coronavirus isn't the only pressing matter that Downing Street is dealing with this week. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has disowned a "crass" social media advert suggesting a ballerina retrain to go into "cyber".

About the same as it takes to qualify as a GP. Go to YouTube. Losing the whip was more of a slap in the face because of all the hard work that I have done for the party since I joined it. Prof Whitty said he had a "more optimistic message" or the public, before adding: "We need to go further or these rates will continue inorexably to rise.". The Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, is now showing a graph that shows how many people in the UK are estimated to have coronavirus. Earlier in the debate, he had provoked laughter by saying "tell me about it" when asked about the availability of childcare in the areas subject to restrictions. The spokesman repeated the Government's position that if no deal can be reached then the UK will deal with the EU on "Australian-style terms" without a formal trade agreement. You can also put your postcode into our restrictions tracker and see what lockdown rules are for you here. "We need a period of stability and consistent rules, so everyone is clear what we all need to do. The North West experienced all of this first, but that pattern is likely to be followed elsewhere, he says. Tobias Ellwood, the Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, asks the Prime Minister to review the pub curfew in areas with lower rates of transmission.
Those already in local restrictions will automatically move into this level, as will Nottinghamshire, East and West Cheshire. "For now, this is the best utensil we have to fight the virus collectively together - strong local and national measures combined," he said. The pay rise has been proposed from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, the independent body responsible for overseeing MPs' pay, pensions and expenses. such as the additional closure of betting shops and sports facilities in Liverpool. I think many people would think that was extreme," he said. He said there is a three-to-four-week delay before interventions see benefits in hospitals.

"Some people like to shout at the wind but if they can't change the direction of the wind it is important to shield people from its effects.".
They can't pay two-thirds of their gas or electricity, or when they go to a shop, they can't say 'can you cut that by a third'. Nick Forbes said on Twitter: "I'm pleased that, for now, it's unlikely any further restrictions will apply in the North East. The Labour leader says the real test will be whether the restrictions can "bring the country back from the bring" and give businesses confidence through the next few weeks. Most were on or after October 10. Neil Coyle, Labour's MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, then picks up on the theme, asking him to "get a grip". This will give some parts of the hospitality sector a much-needed life line - but will prompt questions about what qualifies as a restaurant, with gastropubs treading a fine line between the two. Asked why the Government will not extend the furlough scheme for people in locked-down areas, Rishi Sunak says the Govenrment is "in a different phase now".

"And that we're going to need a much firmer intervention perhaps, the so-called circuit-breaker, in the matter of weeks. Live Chat is by default available during the YouTube Live streaming on the right side and viewers can still replay the Live chat after the streaming ends, i.e., when the stream has archived. She asks him to "get back from the moon [an allusion to his so-called 'moonshot' project] and start worrying about what is happening on Earth". The NHS is well prepared for the second wave, he adds, pointing to the treatments that have been developed, which have helped to improve outcomes. Her remarks come after claims that universities are “cashing in” on self-isolating students by charging hundreds of pounds for basic food deliveries. The Prime Minister has unveiled his three tier system to simplify the patchwork of rules in place across the country. Local officials are still in discussions with the Government as to what restrictions should apply in the area, with just a few hours before Boris Johnson is due to set them out to MPs. "It is no answer to say we could let the virus take hold among the young and fit... because the virus would spread with such velocity among the general population, there would be no way of stopping it spreading among the elderly," he says. Dr Margaret Harris told BBC Radio 4's World At One programme: "You are certainly not on your own. "The virus is now spreading very quickly in every corner of London. The Prime Minister's statement to the nation will be live at 7pm. Boris Johnson has said he wants a deal by the October 15 meeting of the 27 European Union leaders. People will also be advised against travel in and out of the areas. Both the statement and the press conference will be streamed live on The Telegraph's YouTube channel, and we will run it on Politics Live too. There are now more cases in the UK than there were when the UK went into lockdown. "We have far more finely-grained data collected by our own directors of public health that seems to demonstrate that there is not a particular connection between bars and restaurants and the transmission of Covid.". The MP for Warrington North, Charlotte Nichols, is fuming over the confusion about where her constituency is based - and given that geography is pretty crucial right now, you can understand why. Nuts and pork scratchings will not be enough to allow pubs to stay open. "I've said it before and I'll say it again - it will mean that in those local areas we are talking about, we are not only going to have to intensify those measures but enforce generally the social distancing, the rules, the guidance," he said. Jonathan Van-Tam says today's briefing is focused on preparing for the next stage of the epidemic. This year of all years, that money should be spent on key workers, those who have been on frontline. Boris Johnson told Kevan Jones he had answered his point "about four times already", saying you need both a local and centralised approach. "We were told we were going into Tier 3, no ifs, no buts. The base will not be sufficient and that is very clearly the professional view.". Professor Jonathan Van-Tam played down the impact of the return of schools on the resurgence of the virus. Don't know how many times we have to go through this: Warrington is not in Merseyside, it is not in the Liverpool City Region, it never has been and if you're going to make decisions that affect us the very least you could do is recognise that fact Rishi Sunak is now outlining the Government's "winter economic plan" to keep the UK economy afloat during the lockdown restrictions this winter. "I see no evidence that the people of evidence that the people of Bradford are flouting the rules," Prof Whitty said. Standing on the wings: Dominic Cummings arrives at Downing Street this morning, Oliver Dowden was among the ministers to sign off measures at yesterday's emergency Cabinet meeting.